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19 Most Famous College Canteen Fads

College- a dreamworld for every teenager. A  world full of zeal and joy. A world where you make the best of friends for lifetime, where neither night outs nor copying assignments are a big deal. 186 more words

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Remember singing along with the VICCO turmeric cream advertisement or repeating the line “Kya aapke toothpaste me namak hai” by COLGATE. Oh yeah, funny taglines, impressive settings and big stars rule the Indian Advertising Industry. 759 more words


Maggi and Engineers. Still a Better Love Story Than Twilight!

A hot bowl of Maggi at the Airport seems magical.
Magical, because it costs 70 bucks.
And the only people who buy it are people who still believe in magic. That is, engineers. XD



I am being very cheeky and putting up a picture of Annette’s tree, I forgot to take a picture of my one… this is just to say I hope you all had a wonderful day today, wherever you were whoever you were with, I hope you had a good time. 195 more words


Of Maggi, Mountains and Kalachakra

A heavy meal of Dum Aloo, Dal Tadka and Roti did everything to satiate the vegetarian me. Conversations with the ever-so-gracious hosts range from Article 370 to the life of the aam Kashmiri to my desire to travel solo. 485 more words


Vegetable Curry


Hello there!

Our favourite season of the year is here and everyone is wondering what delicious meal to prepare for family and guests. I learnt this recipe from my Anty Njide who learnt it from our Anty Azuka…family of cooks :-) . 572 more words

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How I Learnt to Love Food (Part Two of Two)

In part one of this piece I discussed how my parents have left an indelible mark on understanding and love of food. Here in part two I look at how Mayo College’s rich food culture has created some of my favorite food memories. 872 more words