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Curious "Frank" rocks with laughs, drama and thoughts on modern fame

I sat, flummoxed and blocked as a writer, in trying to start my review of director Lenny Abrahamson’s new film “Frank” when I stumbled upon Abrahamson’s own words regarding his film — specifically, that it “might be trickier to describe than it was to make.” 602 more words



I’m in two minds about this movie. On one hand, its delightfully quirky and features some powerhouse performances from Michael Fassbender and Domhnall Gleeson. On the other, it seems to perpetuate the idea that mental illness is somehow linked to creativity. 619 more words


Frank Review

Usually I lead off with a synopsis, but honestly, this movie is quite difficult to summarize. Basically, it surrounds a very strange band, led by Frank. 642 more words

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◊ ◊ ◊ ½

This odd little gem is hard to describe.  It’s based loosely on the true story of Frank Sidebottom, a character played by singer/musician Chris Sievey.  345 more words

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The tricky thing about any film about a fictional band is expressing talent without actually having the years of hard work and, well, talent that goes into a truly exceptional band. 928 more words

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Review: Frank

What does it mean to be a genius? Is this label solely applicable to the Einsteins and Hawkings of the world; celebrated minds with international renown. 815 more words

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Frank: Read the Book Instead---Movie

Frank” is hugely disappointing. In fact, except for the acting of Domhnall Gleeson, who is NOT Frank, the film is a complete waste of one’s time. 614 more words