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The Handshake

A handshake is just a theory.
All faces begin blurry,
like a collective fog of figures that pass along the outskirts of your life.
Sometimes you pick one out of the bunch. 247 more words

Free Verse

Living to Freeze

I wish we all froze.

Because if we could all freeze,
we would all live.

Dying comes with disappearing.
Even the most memorable of souls knows that with death, 85 more words

Free Verse

Maggie tells it all, Adam wonders about the eternal monotony of passion (chapter LXXVI)

When old Mr. Me bought this remote house by the beach in this warm southeastern Asian country, part of the reason was to escapee the folly of the world, its violence, its hypocrisy. 2,268 more words

Adam Says

Not Alone

This Merlin (BBC) fanfiction was submitted by Maggie.

A boot flew from the other side of the room and hit Merlin upside the head, sending him and the armor he was polishing crashing to the ground. 2,601 more words


Searching for ‘The’ College Experience


As children, many college students remember being bombarded with stories of parents’ times in college and the shenanigans they got into. My high school calculus teacher used to tell my class stories of how he would throw water balloons out of his window to hit the unsuspecting passerby beneath him. 383 more words


Glossy Eyed

I went into Barnes & Noble this morning for no particular reason.

Elite athletes engage in pre-visualization before they compete. Me? I engage in pre-rationalization before I go into a bookstore. 753 more words


Writing Challenge

With only 50,181 words completed so far on DOUGLAS DODD’S WOMEN I’m falling behind. This is embarrassing since November is the American Novel Writing Month, as well as being the more familiar (this side of the pond, anyway) NaNoWriMo challenge to complete a novel in a month. 13 more words