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Feast of the Epiphany

Rev. Mary Sue Barnett

The Magi in Matthew’s Gospel are outsiders—–
They are not in the line of David—
They are aware of the star and they let it direct them.  128 more words

Catholic Church

Excerpt: Mistakes (Working Title)

It was too easy. No traps, no guards. Just a simple cave, the flame of the torch sending shadows scuttling into crevices and behind rocks, illuminating no magical runes or trick floor panels. 843 more words


Nativity scene with Magi - I almost missed the best part

I saw a picture of the nativity that took my breath away recently. Maybe it was the size. The picture is maybe three feet high by four feet across. 485 more words


Magic Users Unite

Magic Users Unite

In almost every supernatural world you come across users of magic. Mortale Spiritus are no different, and so we expand on them for the letter ‘M’ in the A-Z Blog Challenge. 666 more words


Shadow Wraith: The Written Histories


The Written Histories


Faril settled in his reading room, lighting the lamp which stood on the desk. He shuffled papers about to make room for the small book which sat nestled in one of the inner pockets of his robe then placed it reverently in the newly cleared space. 680 more words

Teenage angst in Alma-Torran - Magi #221 Review

Sigh. They grow up so fast… (except Ugo, of course, who is apparently a 58 year old, glasses wearing, gym-attending virgin genie. Brilliant).

So following the time-skip, we reconvene in Alma-Torran to find Sheba having grown into adolescence. 702 more words


Illah's Will - Magi #220 Review

Talk about opening with a bang…

Man, this chapter moved quickly. We skipped through the conclusion of Solomon’s showdown with the magicians, got a rabble-raising speech and ended with further hints of romance to come. 621 more words