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Magic Moment #2

Here we are almost at the end. It seems these moments always happen at ends. This, of course, is because ends are also the birthplace of beginnings. 314 more words


Terry 3

*** Warning Mature themes and shady antics are included. ***

Excerpt from Obsolete, a Terry Ford novel.  Under construction

Joey Cane considered the 8-ball of blue glittering powder in the glass vial before him. 1,144 more words


how to be good, maybe, just a little

There are a lot of questions that you can fudge, defer and brazen out, that you can outgrow and shed, paint over and file away, but some I think prove persistent, beneath the flaking and peeling layers of thought and pragmatism. 895 more words


4 Reasons Why Dorothy Must Die

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I have another 4 Reasons Review for you on Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige, which, if you hadn’t gathered already from the fact that this here book has been graced with the privilege of a review filled with gifs and memes and randomness, was so freaking EPIC.  715 more words

Book Reviews

7000 Different Languages, and then One

It is said
that the Inuit have
a hundred words
just for snow.

She could
easily invent
a thousand words
just for him.

Yet here they were, 33 more words


Of Appetence and Dancing Stars

a longing or desire;
an instinctive inclination;
an attraction or natural affinity.

In Thus Spoke Zarathustra,
Nietzsche spoke through him:
“You must have chaos within you… 32 more words