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All was silent.

The few moments before the music started were Sam’s favorite. Everyone stopped talking. All movement was stilled. One perfect, shining moment. He held his breath. 349 more words


Why I got into Performing Magic

What’s up everyone? Hope you’re all well as always (I may have been using the wrong “your/you’re” for the last 50 posts… SORRY). Anyway, today it’s time for another piece of background story on me; Why I… 528 more words

Jake Druett

Lie There, My Art: Magic, Will, and Ego

The magic happens, but where does it come from?

In traditional stage magic, it comes from one place–the magician. The will of the magician, to be more precise. 957 more words


Shapeshifting with Tam Lin

Tam Lin is an ancient Scottish story full of love, magic, faerie complications and a lot of shapeshifting. Many versions exist, but the short explanation is: Tam is a young man, falls off his horse while hunting, taken by the faeries to live with them, goes round seducing young ladies in the woods. 342 more words


DragonMaster University Chapter 25. The Green Man

Chapter 25. The Green Man

Professor Vale did not tell tall tales about the Green Wizard.

Born before hair! It was true!

Jona nearly broke out laughing, the Green Wizard’s beard was as white as a snowfall, but the moment the wizard took his hat off and bowed to his new students, the gleam from his head would have blinded an earthworm. 663 more words

Fiction- Fantasy

Across waves

Beside me yet oh so far away
In my mind I see so clearly
These days that blend
Creating moving pictures
Of lucid thoughts
Of words…
90 more words


Still Scared of the Dark?

Scared of the dark. That’s a funny expression if you think about it. It’s not that we are scared of the dark but of what might be hidden in that darkness. 415 more words