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Rise full

She pulls down
Stars sucked in the vacuum
Of her feeble mind.
She holds the moon
Captured behind the bars
She tells him of her life,
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The thing about living the magical life is that it requires no beliefs of any kind whatsoever. What magical living requires is practice. Either you do things, such as roam the woods and get a sense of nature and its cycles, or you find a system that allows you to read the signs in nature. 2,269 more words


Creamy Crystals

In your own quiet home
Something magic, mystic grows
Not anything at all domestic
Nor does it have a wink of rustic
Not in the bathroom or the garden… 99 more words


Afterlife Thoughts

Many religious people believe that God judges them in the afterlife and assigns them either Heaven or Hell for the rest of their eternity.  Many are of the opinion that it is not so correct action, but correct belief that gets one to Heaven and that incorrect belief, even accompanied by correct action, will get one to Hell. 1,759 more words

What The Parlour Has Taught Me

Breathtakingly beautiful, brilliantly talented Veronica Varlow is out on the road, with the Revolver wolf pack, creating art, making their dreams happen – shooting a movie. 810 more words


Eyes of life

Who wears the mask
Charlatan or jester
Princess or devil
Lurking behind
The steel grey eyes
Watching the world
Hidden by lies.
Who wears the mask… 82 more words