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The Magic of Mint

There are many varieties of mint, but peppermint is usually the most commonly available.  Like other herbs, it has a wide range of magical uses.  It is often considered a herb that draws positive things towards you whilst banishing the negative, and it is said to help improve one’s prosperity and fortune. 17 more words


Power and what it means to embody it

I feel a shifting inside of me. Maybe it’s age. Can you have a mid-life crisis as 38? Maybe it’s stage of life. I’ve been a mother since I was 22, and we’re in a phase where my “mothering” means more and more stepping back and letting my sons grow into manhood.   1,262 more words


Gossamer Threads

…With gossamer threads, she spun the fabric of  dreams …

entwining each strand into richly coloured tapestries.

And so  tales of myth and magical things became the fruits of her loom … 93 more words

H is for Healing

I have health and healing on my mind lately. My dad is entering a phase of life where it seems like going to doctor’s appointments three times a week is his new normal. 166 more words


Animal Spirit Guide - Dragonfly Medicine - The Transformer

Fly, Fly, Fast, Grow do not stop
Do not be afraid to see all
A masterful shape shifter adapts
to all circumstances and situations
with magic, speed and agility.

472 more words
New Age

WattPad: "The Celestial Knight" Review

Welcome to Valemnia, where a war between its citizens and demons have been ongoing for more than hundreds of years. It’s the world wherein people blessed with magically inclined abilities are united to combat the dark force that tries to endlessly take control. 332 more words

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