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"The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places"*...

Colon, Michigan (the name comes from a pair of nearby lakes shaped like the punctuation mark), a sleepy, one-streetlight town somewhere between Detroit and Chicago proudly bills itself as “The Magic Capital of the World.”  It’s home to around 1,000 residents and holds at least 30 dead magicians in its single small graveyard.

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Masonism in Mozart’s The Magic Flute

On the 30th of September 1791, the opera The Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart made its debut at Freihaus-Theater auf der Wieden in Vienna. The piece was finished three months before the composer died of suspected rheumatoid fever at the young age of 35. 333 more words



It’s late, I’m tired, and I decided to have a surf over music videos before going to bed, but I had to smack myself robustly to make sure I had not already nodded off and started to hallucinate. 43 more words


The Magic Flute Part 2 and Konstanz

So before I begin, I wanted to do more justice to The Magic Flute.  I was talking to my friend Amanda a few days ago and was looking at photos to show to her and found some lovely gems.   155 more words


Teachers Don't Know It All

    Over the last fews days I have been the proudest mother on the planet. Both my daughters, aged 10 and 8,  sang and performed as part of… 383 more words

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