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Raunchy Movies To Watch This Weekend

Bored with your normal weekends? Had a break up? Want to move ahead of your girlfriend’s usually gushy embrace?  Need some girls night out fun? Yes, you’re on the right page. 423 more words


Day 223

E il quarto giorno si alzò e si incamminò verso il supermercato più vicino per cercare di rimediare qualche medicina per tamponare il sentore di morte che quel maledetto raffreddore le aveva messo addosso. 356 more words


I have a riddle for you. What’s white, cold, can strand you in your home, force you to break out your ski jacket from the 90s, buy large quantities of salt, and steal your neighbors shovel? 689 more words

Magic Mike: When Men Bare All

Magic Mike may not be the deepest movie in the world- it’s basically a smorgasbord of hot shirtless muscular men grinding in thongs- but it does raise some questions about male and female sexuality and the depiction of sex work, namely stripping, on film. 915 more words

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Two Strippers And Jo

Two Strippers and Jo – Sometimes I think that could be the title of my sitcom.

I have two stripper friends, who took me to a strip club the other night. 476 more words


I’m not sure if you’ve pissed off a large group of men recently, but I have, and I learned a very interesting lesson: a surprising number of modern men are really, really into the idea of “equality.” They even want to talk about it! 2,513 more words

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Rick Santorum Reconsiders Stance On Gay Marriage After Watching Magic Mike

Rick Santorum, the notorious Republican religious crusader from the 2012 elections, has had a change of heart just in time for his expected second run for the presidency in 2016 all thanks to a certain hollywood gem. 222 more words