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Ms. Frizzle Would Be Fired

Magic School Bus is one of those engaging and educational science cartoons that most children watch at some point during their schooling. That’s fantastic and unsettling at the same time. 1,458 more words

Learning Our Way

There's A Boot In My Snake

There’s A Boot In My Snake

Death by wild animal, communicable disease and violent political upheaval are a very real part of life in much of the Amazon basin of South America. 565 more words


Dee Carson returns

He walked through the station with two bottles tucked firmly under one arm.  This was not his usual haunts but he had checked and the fool Gallente had returned to his home turf, for the time being.   638 more words

6 Reasons Science RULES

1. Bill Nye. Need I say anything else?

2. Food Science.

Baking is basically one gigantic, ambrosial science experiment. Ambrosial is my new favorite word….in case you missed the memo. 113 more words


Doing School with Cartoons, Video Games, and Comic Strips

I am one of those people who succumbs to worries influenced by mainstream media, but some days I really push away those naysayers when learning connections make themselves transparent through the use of cartoons or video games. 367 more words


Won't You Be My Neighbor? (We Like/Share Tragedy)

I know I should start off with some kind of quote that grabs you by the balls and yanks you into my subject, but this is a Mr. 826 more words


The Universe is a Magic School Bus book

The Universe is a Magic School Bus book.

That is to say, yes, I do believe that I have the power to decode messages from the Universe. 497 more words