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On my outfit.

“Miss, that dress is…unique.”
“Yeah, sometimes I’m pretty nerdy.”
“I mean, you don’t look nerdy, you just look like Miss Frizzle.”

<Fave compliment of the day right there, guys. And accurate. See below.>

Stuff High Schoolers Say

Abbott and Costello in 3rd Grade

I feel that it is my duty to educate my students on culture and entertainment from the past. So I was super excited when my teammate Cathy suggested we show our math classes the Abbott and Costello routine 7 x 13 = 28. 165 more words

Third Grade

Getting Children Into Reading

Perhaps one of the most daunting tasks that both parents and educators face these days is the once simple task of getting kids interested in reading. 1,159 more words


Vacation Education

Learning doesn’t stop just because it’s winter break. Actually, it gives us a little freedom to learn without time limits. We spent our day after Christmas mostly relaxing, but we also threw in a couple of educational activities that were super fun. 335 more words

Ms. Frizzle Would Be Fired

Magic School Bus is one of those engaging and educational science cartoons that most children watch at some point during their schooling. That’s fantastic and unsettling at the same time. 1,458 more words

Learning Our Way

There's A Boot In My Snake

Death by wild animal, communicable disease and violent political upheaval are a very real part of life in much of the Amazon basin of South America. 564 more words

Cool Story

Dee Carson returns

He walked through the station with two bottles tucked firmly under one arm.  This was not his usual haunts but he had checked and the fool Gallente had returned to his home turf, for the time being.   638 more words