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One Person's Junk is My Next Deck Choice!



So I’ve been doing a whole bunch of testing and thats about it.

Lets start with the Junk Theory Deck I talked about last time. 1,375 more words

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Grand Prix: Philadelphia Report **7th**

I have been on the grind for a while now and was pretty intent on making the tour. I have had some minor success in past tournaments including a few good runs at PTQs and a dozen GP day 2′s. 1,773 more words


'Walkers Promo: a Script

This is a short promo trailer in the style of Wizards’ current promo trailers for the Theros block (Theros | Born of the Gods… 327 more words


My first deck and my first FNM

So, with my decision to start playing MtG again came the realisation that all of the cards that I had got the last time I started playing were in fact pretty much all illegal in the Standard format. 1,083 more words


There's a Conspiracy Afoot

I love the concept of the “alternate reality game” type of viral marketing. The type where one day, there’s some QR codes posted in strange places which link to corrupted data files. 436 more words


Ok @PucaTrade ready for another round?? http://ift.tt/1icLfoQ

— AJ (@AJM_) April 15, 2014

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Journey into Nyx Spoilers: Limited Part 2 (Black and Red)

Now that I have spent the last two weeks following Journey into Nyx Spoiler Season and focusing on cards that will influence Standard constructed play, I will spend the next few days focusing on cards that have not been featured yet but will have a notable influence over Limited play. 25 more words