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Think of a number.

Now multiply that number by two.

Now add ten to your total.

Now divide that total by two.

And finally, subtract the first number you thought of from your current total. 585 more words

The Magic Trick - Names Have Been Changed To Protect The Innocent

Sometimes you have to just laugh to keep from crying…take this scenario:

Young, beautiful, graceful, high school color guard member exits school bus dressed in uniform with face made to perfection.  483 more words

Just Another Dribble And Drab!

...really failed to deliver on the prestige.


Thanks everyone for continuing to read this silly comic… even when it isn’t so silly.

Flakes Of Crisp Whiteness

Imagine a forest, covered in inches of pure white snow like a million tiny feathers were scattered all over. If you hadn’t been taught at school what snow was, imagine the amazement you would feel when you saw tiny flakes of crisp whiteness fall from the sky and vanish when they landed on your shoulder. 148 more words

The White Rabbit

I’ve recently been reading about an idea suggested by Alberto Knox about a little magic trick that relates to the universe. When a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat which had just been shown to be empty, we feel a sense of amazement yet we know that the magician has tricked us. 174 more words