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Fairy Wand

Every little girl loves to dress up, well my little princess does! Being on holidays with no fancy dress costumes has become a problem so this week we had to improvise and make our own fairy magic! 240 more words

Oxygen facial treatment- my take on the latest beauty cult

I had one last week. An oxygen facial treatment at a beauty spa. Though it wasn’t part of the plan (the facial was, the OXYGEN wasn’t), things just happened so fast that I agreed to the treatment before my brain could even put the two words together: oxygen+facial. 287 more words


Swish and Flick

Look at my new magic wand! It chose me yesterday at the Renaissance Faire. I call it the “Aldy Wand.”

Monthly Fandom

Magic Muse Wand

Summer Drawing Challenge Day 12

It’s funny how Facebook posts about hair seem to generate immediate long conversations. Today I hennaed my hair, and mentioned it on Facebook, and — ta-da! 116 more words



I wish I had a magic wand and transport myself to exotic places around the world, anywhere my heart desires and escape my reality. As I look at my life through a… 400 more words

Writing Prompt

Christianity Isn’t A Magic Wand

READ: Revelation 14

A common misconception about Christianity is that it is an immediate fix to everything. Many believe that becoming a Christian is like waving a magic wand over all life’s hardships. 336 more words


Prest-o Tease-o with my Magic Wand

Last night was wonderful. Cagedmonkey was great about serving me and eating my pussy over and over until I was so sensitive I had to make him stop. 506 more words

Male Chastity