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Witches Are Real, and You Might Know One

From the cauldron-stirring “weird sisters” of Macbeth to the goth clique of the The Craft to the campy American Horror Story: Coven crew, witches have long been a part of the pop culture vernacular. 53 more words

Origins of the Tarot.

Where did Tarot cards come from? The origins of the tarot is one of societies oldest controversial mysteries. Did they originate with Gypsy’s or did they come from medieval Europe? 421 more words


Face Lift

The Sweet Jasmine Series book covers have been re-freshened and re-vamped!

Here is a sneak peak of the magic that is about to be unleashed! … 7 more words

Why you gotta be so rude ?

This song is by a Canadian reggae fusion band called Magic and its hilarious! Its about a guy who wants to marry this girl he loves and decides to go to her ‘old fashioned’ father to ask for her hand in marriage only to be rudely turned down. 12 more words


Magic Nature

My mother has always said, leave God’s magic.
Nature’s beauty is to be captured by the naked eye.
Let it linger in memory. Don’t reduce its beauty by imaging it through canon’s eyes. 75 more words

Woman in levitation shocker!

A woman last night made a sensational, as yet unverified claim that she has developed the power of levitation and that she can literally walk on air. 395 more words