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Vampire Diaries - S6ep5 - The world has turned and left me here

One thing that is highly creative about Vampire Diaries or perhaps suggests the lack of creativity is the title of the episodes. So far there have been - 380 more words

Art - Review

Saikeman the Magician

When he told me he was a magician I didn’t really believe him. His friend told me he was also a psychic, I didn’t believe him either. 125 more words

Ago the Mountain

A mountain appears as long as someone stands in front of its entrance, where giant boulders seem about to fall over and where, once crossed, the skies, the land, the seas, the people all turn into different things and different imagines. 481 more words

Short Story

The Power of Words

Words have incredible power in our lives. For one, they provide us with a vehicle for expressing and sharing our experiences with others. Most of us don’t realize, however, that the words you habitually choose also affect what you experience. 391 more words


samhain didi...

samhain has begun.  i feel it.  feels like…where am i?  reality feels different, like velvet and smoke, the sound of bells, and warmth of a big pine tree, squirrel running by, staring up at the sky, looking at the reflections of it in puddled on cement…feeling the dead…feeling the living….feeling both sides.   300 more words

Creative Writing

Die, Die, Die

At the start of her life Janice was a loved child, born to a wealthy family who would fulfill her every wish. All day long she would sit in her immaculately decorated room and scowl out of her window. 427 more words

Short Story

Doctor Strange - Everything We Know

In light of the massive Phase 3 announcement earlier this week, I have elected to take a look at everything we know and the comic background for each of the announced movies. 571 more words

The Avengers