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You live so many lives when you are reading. Each book is like a portal to some other world, brimming up to the rim with so many novel experiences. 27 more words

Of Fireballs and Shattered Continuums

When I was working on my theatre degree, I was enrolled in an English class specifically for theatre students; highly amusing, questionably demanding. Every semester required a brief self-introduction (there were a lot of people in the class, and I imagine this exercise served as something of a memory aide for the professors while also singling out the interesting people from the rabble) and I submitted this. 1,241 more words

Flights Of Fancy

Hits and Misses: Psychology and Spirituality

The Question: When do we apply psychological principles to Witchcraft/energy work? When we say that the confirmation bias is what is really at work for superstitious beliefs, why don’t we also apply it to things Witches frequently use, like astrology and Tarot? 934 more words


Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail 381 Vol 38The Devil’s House(MS Version) new Yesterday
Fairy Tail 380 Vol 38Hell’s Core(MS Version) Apr 11, 2014
Fairy Tail 379 Vol 38King of Hades(Ms Version) Apr 5, 2014… 2,962 more words


Chapter 4

I wake up to the smell of bacon. Rolling out of bed and stretching, I make my way into the kitchen.

“Good morning.” Tobias says. 1,340 more words



Dying eggs.

Baskets full of candy.

Finding eggs the Easter Bunny expertly hid in our shoes.

All the girls in beautiful dresses at church.

Family. 317 more words


Read Excerpt from Fantasy YA Series

Enjoy an excerpt from the Activation from one of the short stories of the YA fantasy series Fractured Fairy Tales of the Twilight Zone: