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Balance Your Chakras Using Affirmations

As anyone who knows about chakras will tell you, it is our thoughts, which create our reality. This is the basis for magick as well, which may help to explain why so many witches have studied and learned to use their chakras within their magick. 628 more words


Fantasy science. Real dream.

I have never before experienced such quantum living as I did in this dream. I have just woken up from it and already I have this urge, this longing to go back to it. 244 more words


Weekend Wisdom: Judging

Imagine how much joy you will experience when leaving the judging to God.  He has the right to judge because He created us.

Also imagine the joy you will bring to other people when you just love and accept them as a wonderful person created in God’s image. 79 more words

Live Like the Night

It’s funny, no matter how much I think I may be too tired for my creative insomniac ways, there’s always a night that proves me wrong. 835 more words

How Do You Rank a Shank? (Limerick Off Monday)

There are all sorts of man of rank… How do you rank yours?


Parchment - Part III

I was still considering my plan to take some Tylenol (or Tylenol PM because I didn’t have to work in the morning and there was nothing that would require my wakefulness before 2pm), even as I knocked on the door to Apartment 42 on 8th Street. 998 more words

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