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The Blue Jay's Daughter: Commelina...Backwards, Part 19

Monday the 13th – Year of Elders, 1967 – The Village of Almado

We’re all mirrors. All reflecting. All broken in some way, cracked from side to side, the fracture lines bringing with them our distortions. 774 more words

Ren Warom

Dark Doorways: new Kindle novella now available!

Step into a world of magical realism in this surreal novella. Graduate student Sarah encounters dreamlike oddities after losing her mother, only to find that her mom’s warning– never to enter a dark doorway– holds more meaning than she ever imagined.

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Book Review: The Golem and the Jinni

The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker – 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Bought in e-reader format

Published by: Harper Collins

Released: 15 August 2013… 563 more words

Fantasy Fiction

Ocularity - by Tantra Bensko

Black obsidian looked back at Jason: a few feet from his face, the giant statue of his own eye hovered heavily above the canyon. The pedestal of the shining Ocularity jutted out at the tip of the narrow path of land jutting out over Colorado River’s millions of years. 1,821 more words

Weird Fiction

Sixth Tale (Springing up the May): Wrestling Roar

“Do you know why it`s raining so hard today?”

“Two guys are fighting in the sky.”

“You notice that too?” Faustina stared at Miyu as they both stood in front of the window from inside of Arco Iris. 217 more words

Creative Writing

Photographers Steady Heart

She parked on a curve next to a winding road built on a dwarf mountain, waiting for an absent sun to begin its majestic descent so she could snap a couple of photos for a last minute online gallery promotion, Tiava Fort mounted the hood of her dark green mustang when, suddenly, her artistic intuition directed her attention to a distant rumbling of the earth. 286 more words

Magical Realism

The irreverent disregard for form, the inversions of structure, sentences

often pages long, spoken with the frenzy of an eyewitness whose

memories run into each other, make her work more poetry than prose.

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Gypsy Goddess