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Last week one of my favourite authors died. The incredible and incredibly  talented Gabriel Garcia Marguez . I was very saddened because at the time I was re-reading his most loved novel One Hundred Years of Solitude for the millionth time. 628 more words

"Lagoon": Aliens, shapeshifters, and revolution in Lagos, Nigeria

Lagoon by Nnedi Okorafor
Hodder & Stoughton Ltd., April 10th, 2014 (Urban Fantasy / Contemporary Fantasy / Science Fiction)*

My rating: It’s complicated (but probably beach vacation) 647 more words

Book Review

Book review: Midnight's Children

When I finally completed Salman Rushdie’s bestselling novel “Midnight’s Children,” I was truly, truly relieved that I persevered till the very last page for it truly is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that left me marveled and humbled by his ability to blur the lines between magic and history. 520 more words

Book Reviews

Gabriel Garcia Marquez and the Nature of Power

Gabriel Garcia Marquez has died. Widely considered one of the greatest writers of the 20th Century, he authored many books such as Love in the Time of Cholera… 781 more words

Dreaming Gabo

Let us speak of love
Openly in the streets where myth
Vanquishes hard truth, and stories course
Eternally like tendrils of a vine.
I’ll learn again to disregard no dream… 286 more words

Elaine Stirling

timctaylor reblogged this on Greyhart Press and commented:

I'm sharing Elaine Stirling's tribute to Nobel Prize winner, Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Gabo), who passed away recently. Elaine's words speak for themselves. Gabo was a man of many talents, but if there is a most notable work, it is surely 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' (1967) which did much to popularize magical realism. This is not some obscure strand of literature of interest only to historians. Gabo's influence and that of magical realism in particular is not only relevant today but relevant to us here and now at Greyhart Press. We will shortly be publishing the novel 'Daughters of Babylon' by Elaine Stirling. Gabo, magical realism, and 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' are all major influences. And while Elaine is yet to win her first Nobel Prize (or if she has, she's kept it quiet from me) her post on Gabo was selected by the Wordpress editors for their 'Freshly Pressed' showcase. Well done, Elaine!

Music of Sacred Lakes Blog Tour: An Excerpt From The Book

Hi guys! Today I’ve got an excerpt for you from Music of Sacred Lakes. It’s the beginning of the book, chapter 1, which really sets up the scene of where Peter is in Northern Michigan, how miserable he is, and how beautiful his home is. 2,034 more words


The Gift, by Alison Croggon

Opening lines: ‘For almost as long as she could remember, Maerad had been imprisoned behind walls. She was a slave in Gilman’s Cot, and hers was the barest of existences: an endless cycle of drudgery and exhaustion and dull fear.’ 340 more words

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