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Guest Post: Abuse is Not Always Black and Blue - Kathleen Pooler

“I never thought of myself as the abused wife. I studied domestic violence in my nursing program. I took care of patients who were abused. I was a strong and capable woman. 29 more words

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Tour Poetry Day 9: Struggle to Survive

Days come and go
Without much occasion or meaning
You were there and now you are here
Often we remember great feats
Or great depravity… 86 more words

The Year of Magical Thinking

I came across this book on the internet and became immediately interested in the concept of magical thinking, in which you attribute meaning and cause-effect patterns to things for which there is no explanation, or for which sometimes, due to circumstances, the explanation is beyond your grasp. 390 more words

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Magical Thinking

Magical Thinking Triple-Tiered Geo Hanging Terrarium strung along a hooked chain for easy hanging.

Astrology: What's the Harm?


I’ve very rarely covered astrology on this blog (~5% of posts get tagged with it), mostly because there’s very little to say about it beyond the standard, “It doesn’t work!”, “There’s no physical reason why it should work,” and “Different astrology systems around the world conflict with each other but claim similar results, therefore it’s standard ‘psychic’ cold reading.” 1,161 more words


If Oprah's so smart, why does she promote "irrational" ideas?

A person on twitter recently implied that the extremely high IQ I estimated for Oprah was inconsistent with some of the irrational ideas she seems to believe. 1,461 more words