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sequence over editions

I am moving towards the notion of making a ‘sequence’ of books because I really don’t understand the whole business around proofs and editions. Nor do I want to have anything to do with the stuff of the artist realm. 60 more words

On the Nymphs

“But the nymph continues to operate in our psyches. When we make magic of nature, believe in natural health cures and become nebulously sentimental about pollution and conservation, attach ourselves to special trees, nooks and scenes, listen for meanings in the wind and turn to oracles for comfort–then the nymph is doing her thing.” 33 more words

Magical Thinking

When Time Stands Still

“Pan’s hour was always Noon. At this moment he would appear in the blaze and shimmer of midday, startling man and animal into blind terror. This seems to have little to do with the nightmare. 158 more words

Magical Thinking

In Defense of Magical Thinking

“For we live by faith, not by sight.”

So when did “reality” become so popular? There are sayings floating around, “reality has a liberal bias,” 639 more words

Chicago politics. Magical thinking, perfect storms and bean bag.

All weekend I have been asked the same question.

“Is Karen going to run?”

I consider Karen a friend.

But let us be clear. I am not on her exploratory committee, an insider or political confidant. 383 more words

Chicago Mayor's Race

Teaching Children To Think

“Why didn’t you think?” How often have those words passed your lips. Lots, I bet. Thinking, an #emotionalintelligence skill, does not come naturally.

Here is a politically incorrect research finding: From thirty to seventy per cent of all people across all countries and all cultures cannot think deeply or what the gurus call abstractly. 1,137 more words