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either toe the line or blow it.

This is the leather which has been pressed with a plate I have made of a reverse of the letters for the title. I can see where I can place the letters and then I will back pare the leather. 89 more words

Why has the Referendum debate been misunderstood?

What will the Scottish Referendum leave in its wake? A re-energised or a divided Scotland? And will the threat of divorce leave the UK scarred? Many outside observers have misunderstood the debate, triggering misplaced advice. 631 more words

Behavioural Finance

Just Say Shazam!

Another day’s commute, another theologically odd Christian song on the radio.

This week’s offender is 7eventh Time Down‘s Just Say Jesus, a brand-new offering that appears to be getting an increasing amount of play time. 760 more words


Debunking the Law of Attraction

Popularised by the book The Secret, the Law of Attraction is the idea that all things in your life are influenced by your mental state. 219 more words

Life Coaching

Magical Thinking: Do X Get Y (Retro Week)

This week is Retro Week on my blog. I’m reposting stuff from the archives.

This is today’s repost, from 15th March:

One of my pet peeves is what I call “Magical Thinking”. 1,967 more words

Faith & Life

Hanlon's Razor and the Flying Spaghetti Monster

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is an allegedly satirical religion which encourages its members to show their commitment to the values of logic and rationality by wearing  colanders on their heads. 2,485 more words

Innate Deceiver