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the ground grows

as earth just starts to wake

a seed is planted

soon to reach up to the calling sun

life still buried under the cold of snow… 80 more words

Magickal Arts

You Can Call Me Cat

I am used to getting weird looks.

They range from the curious and surprised, to outright disbelief and disgust. I am not what you would consider ordinary. 1,705 more words


Bath Time

I just took a bath

The most heavenly warm bath

Good things are coming


Gardening for the White Witch

Merry (almost) Imbolc!

I wanted to share how someone who does not consider herself/himself a green witch can still connect to the earth especially before a Sabbat. 384 more words


Update: Second Doll Familiar

Just a small post, but one i’ve been looking forward to making this past week.

I have finally completed the second of the doll familiars, raising the spirit of this clay up to act as my secondary familiar (the first was empowered for someone else). 278 more words


Elements With One Electron Shell


Element #2      Helium

This element is an  odorless gas and one of the noble gases.  This element also has one complete electron shell. 399 more words

Notes: Generation Hex

Many years ago I read Generation Hex, published by Disinformation and edited by Jason Louv. I also listened to a recording of their… 1,080 more words

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