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Merlin Awakes! (Part 126) by CpSingleton © 2013

Chok fluttered her feathers, as if to prepare herself and her two person audience.
‘This kitchen that you see, which reminds you of your own, Mrs Patterson,is constructed from, and in, your own mind,’ Chok began. 299 more words


Coming to the Crossroads -- Part II

For a number of months after performing my self-initiation ritual, not much seemed to change. I remained committed to finding ways to expand the scope of my existing magickal practice. 1,044 more words


Cellular Possession - A Shamanic Perspective on the Exorcism of Inanimate Objects

Matt: My phone is possessed. Do you know how to do an exorcism on electronics?
It’s started selecting things and zooming and moving things.

Me: It’s called a hard reset… it requires copious amounts of swearing by several gods of technology, and the use of various blessings of copper, zinc, quartz, and the like… you have to ask the spirits of the base particles of the phone to rise up and heal themselves, throw off the evil spirit and choose to be free… 705 more words


Germanic Goddess Sunna

Contemplating Sunna – The Germanic Goddess of the SunAs I am contemplating the wheel of the year and Germanic Paganism/Folk Magick, I came across an interesting Goddess whom I want to connect with further. 286 more words


Mercury #1 - Hermes the Channeler

Two weeks ago, on Wednesday, first hour of Mercury, chanting the spells to Invoke Hermes from Graeco-Egyptian Magick…

Hermes manifested in my mind in his classic form of a young athletic boy, winged hat, sandals and the caduceus. 374 more words


A Tradition of Candles: History, Myth and Superstition

From:  Candle Power

By:  Cassandra Eason

The flickering flame of the candle provides us with a link to the sacred flames that have been kindled over thousands of years.  2,054 more words