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My Name

I have had a few people ask me how I pronounce my Craft name. Ogeon is pronounced “Oh-jee-on”.

I hope everyone had a safe and blessed Solstice!


10 Levels Of Consciousness

by Marriah Star

There are 10 levels of consciousness between identifying with (internalizing) your environment or choosing to transform from within by heart.

At the first level of consciousness you identify completely with your environment whether rich or poor, peaceful or warlike, cruel or loving… 2,920 more words

Ten of Pentacles ... continued?

When the Ten of Pentacles appears, it sometimes means that you will become financially successful. 

 I thought all the lessons from my Four of Swords, Death and Ten of Pentacles reading had revealed themselves even though in my gut, I knew the Ten of Pentacles in this scenario had a much deeper lesson that what was revealed. 1,563 more words

Great Release Program - Day 22 - Monday - 22 December - Structure - Silver RavenWolf

It is up to you to build the structure of your life!

2014 Great Release Program
Day 22 – December 22  2014 — Monday (Moon Day) 592 more words

Silver RavenWolf


let go of the reins…break loose…enjoy life

Magickal Arts

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if it is everything it is always unknown, always unknowable.
everything is impossible.
there should not even be the void.
a mad god laughing screaming alone in the void inside his head he imagines himself sitting before the computer hunched over the keyboard typing out a not poem blah blah blah. 1,185 more words


The Elder Futhark: Uruz

This week I drew the Uruz rune as the fifth in my series on the Elder Futhark.


English Letter Equivalent: U, V

Position in the Elder Futhark: 2nd… 136 more words