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Do you want an Angel to hear you?

If you want an angel to hear you, we’ve found a new way. Except that it’s probably not that new at all. We just haven’t read about it anywhere else yet. 559 more words



Stare into the blackness of the mirror


Veiled in smoke

Vision of the answer you seek

Image skry

Mirror whispers

Of the Wicked Queen… 56 more words

Magickal Arts

Submission to the Shadow


Submission to the Shadow or Etheric Double or Power Animal is very different than submission to your HGA. For one thing instead of the death of the ego you confront the loss of your humanity. 1,027 more words

Using Jewelry in your Self-Initiation and Dedication Ritual

If you are embarking upon the path of Paganism and/or Witchcraft, you have likely already been looking for, or have acquired, a pentacle or other symbol to wear as a sign of your new spirituality or magickal practice. 753 more words


Part 1 Artificial Intelligence Magick; using wireless waves to broadcast

Everything we put online, is recorded forever. Using the Internet as a way to do Magick and spread our new learning through exponentiating online is really w…
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Solitary Celebration For Samhain

I have created my Celebration from things I have learned over the years and the Prayers and Blessings were researched on-line. You can use these and print them off, or research online and come up with your own… 25 more words