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Tarot Horror: 10 Seconds to Leave

Today is Sunday. The sun came out gently and the crisp smell of winter surrounded my home. My neighbors were, for once, quiet. Then, I remembered that someone was coming in today for a morning consult. 1,472 more words


Rune pendants, part whatever


I now have fabulous rune pendants in my shop that I made from hematite, where the rune is etched into the stone and gold foil lined: 732 more words


Astrology Sunday: Nono's Chart, Pt II

When I do natal charts for people, I don’t just provide the chart wheel, but an explanation of the planets in signs and houses and what it means, as well as the aspects they make to each other and what those aspects mean. 477 more words


dumping another load

or else the reality the world is as dimensionally flat as it appears with nothing hidden within it to be discovered.
we doubt that but it may be so insofar as most people are concerned about it being. 182 more words


The Elder Futhark: Isa

This week I drew the Isa rune as the second in my series on the Elder Futhark.


English Letter Equivalent: I (pronounced as ee in steep) 183 more words


Magick is a load of baloney! Isn't it?


When we think of magic (or magick) we think of some exponent reciting a spell and ‘poof’ a unicorn appears on their lawn, or a million pounds appears in their bank account. 633 more words


untitled #7

a mad god laughing screaming alone in the void inside his head picturing himself on a boat on a river writing a not poem about our theory of everything we happen to make believe at the time now or whenever we might imagine it to be at our discretion. 309 more words