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Spell a Day: Monday-Friday Magick

Here’s inspiration for a spell a day, Monday-Friday…to connect with powerful spiritual entities, beat writer’s block, be delightfully successful in your newest business venture, get that marriage proposal you’ve been waiting for, and find your true inner beauty. 1,081 more words


Spellbook Correspondence: Against Nightmares

Moon:  Waning to New

Color:  Black ~ Pink ~ White

Gemstone:  Citrine ~ Hematite ~ Lepidolite ~ Rose Quartz ~ Ruby ~ Smoky Quartz ~ Turquoise… 201 more words

Magickal Correspondences

Spellbook Correspondence: Concentration


Waxing to Full


Brown ~ White ~ Yellow


Amethyst ~ Clear Quartz ~ Hematite ~ Sodalite


Queen of Pentacles ~ 3-The Empress ~ Queen of Swords… 103 more words


Spellbook Correspondence: Against Grief

Moon:  Waning to New

Color:  Black ~ Blue ~ Brown

Gemstone:  Amethyst ~ Blue Lace Agate ~ Sodalite

 Tarot:  2-Swords ~ 3-Swords ~ 8-Swords

Deities: 324 more words

Magickal Spells

Creating your own Magickal Correspondences

I have had several people ask me about how I got the information I have in my Magickal Correspondences.  If you have been exploring any Pagan or Witchcraft web sites or if you’ve purchased and read any books, you have no doubt seen Magickal Correspondences even if you didn’t recognize them as such. 666 more words


Spellbook Correspondence: Against Gossip

Moon:  Waning to New

Colors:  Black ~ White ~ Yellow

Gemstones:  Black Onyx ~ Citrine ~ Clear Quartz ~ Moonstone

Tarot:  XVI-The Tower ~ XIII-Death ~ O-The Fool… 125 more words

Magickal Spells

Creating your Spellbook

If you are serious about your Witchcraft, you are going to need your own Spellbook.  You are probably thinking that you already have one.  One of the first things you were taught was to create a Book of Shadows (Grimoire) to hold all of your notes, lessons, spells, correspondences, and so forth.  1,351 more words

Magickal Spells