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Magik: A Path to Freedom

“So far, therefore, as the public profession of magic
has been one of the roads by which men have passed to
supreme power, it has contributed to emancipate mankind… 87 more words

AB-2: The Path and Where it Lead

Every one of our Path’s to the Divine is holy and unique; so too are the ways in which the Spirit calls us to the Path. 470 more words

Uncanny X-Men Special 1

Writer Sean Ryan

Penciler Ron Ackins

Inkers Norman Lee, Roberto Poggi and Terry Pallot

Colorist Ruth Redmond

Letterer VC’s Clayton Cowles

No End in Sight Part One of Three… 1,332 more words



“A boy came to the Master with fear in his eyes.

He said, ‘Teacher, I have not slept in days. There is a devilish thing that comes into my room at night. 100 more words

Magik: A Primer

Magik is the practice of perfecting one’s connection to the divine. Once that connection is made we become an active member of the Godhead with the power and the right to affect it as we see fit. 187 more words

AB-1: How it all Began

“I found God in a starting fluid can!”

- from the Ballad of the Cat Man

I started taking drugs as a way to escape the monotony of Suburban America. 352 more words

Time to Start Again

“The Great Machine of Time is the rhythm of the Universe.

All cycles from the infinite to the minute spin round and round forming a divine Song: the God-beat. 210 more words