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Những phương pháp xáo bài trong Tarot

Card Player’s Method

Phương pháp này thông thường được áp dụng để xào loại bài chơi hàng ngày. Mỗi tay cầm nửa bộ bài và trộn lẫn các lá bài với nhau bằng cách bẻ nhẹ cho bài rơi xuống mặt bàn. 812 more words


Keeping Your Candles Pure

Yesterday in the blog I discussed buying candles. Although it doesn’t matter where you originally buy the candles what happens to the candles once you dress them is important. 97 more words


Starting the Blog

My grandmother taught me many things when I was growing up. She taught me how to read the TV Guide, all about roller derby, professional wrestling, playing bingo, and life in New York City at the beginning of the 20th century. 162 more words


Beltane Southern Hemisphere - Samhain Northern Hemisphere

I wish to all in the Southern Hemisphere a blessed Beltane.   We here in the Southern Hemisphere do Halloween even though in reality for us it is April.  232 more words


We make the thunder role

Well my grown ghetto child

Handsome and undeserving

of the streets drama

the harsh realities that harden

the exterior shell

lest you remember

our days… 88 more words

Poetry For Life

making magik by fall

The waterfall


while the windswept tree’s,

loose their leaves

raining down on me

I take the harvest

from the summers garden

creating magik in my kitchen… 145 more words


Atlantis VII - Chakra Sex

“”Better yet?” She asked me.

Coming out of my haziness, I looked at her. What I saw surprised me beyond what I imagined. Her blue eyes were shining just few centimeters above from mine. 553 more words