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Magnanimity is the Shakespearean Word of the Day (12/16/14)

Magnanimity (n.)

Magnanimity means greatness of spirit, nobleness of heart. Magnanimity is cited in William Shakespeare’s play Henry VI Part 3 (3H6 V.iv.41). The prince says to everyone, about the effect of the Queen’s words on a coward: “Infusion his breast with magnanimity” 11 more words


Respect others by counting the blessings

Respect is love in plain clothes– Frankie Byrne

 When others respect you, it is not because you possess some virtues. It is because of their generosity, their greatness.

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Christian Spirituality

Can you be gracious?

Magnanimity, graciousness, you must have come across these concepts. We see these on the big screen, in films, mostly in a romanticised sense. The hero in the fairy tale, who is always magnanimous and gracious. 579 more words


they make a difference (haiku)

meals on wheels
delivers folks a hot meal
dessert is her smile

dawn, dusk or twilight
bus driver greets each traveller
my first bonjour

summer showers… 13 more words


Under the Lantern (Haiku)

under the lantern  
pill bugs move in great herds –  
happy in the dark  

the child’s game done
the pill bug uncurls himself –  239 more words

Libation… liberation!

Drunk with, in spirit.

I cannot help but smile… like a fool,

in her own world.

Precious seeing,

magnanimity and benevolence flows…

infects another with hope.

never in reverse

Me? Before I take my pen- I take time. Sometimes this can take forty years. First you have intuition, which brings vision, which builds an ethic, which will give birth to a concept, and finally, perhaps, which will make a product.

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