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Epsom Salt Detox Bath with Lavender

Epsom Salt Detox Bath with Lavender -

I LOVE Epsom Salt baths. I take one almost daily. It’s a nice way to get some relaxing “Me Time” in and pamper yourself a little. 615 more words


My Twin Birth Story

Those who follow my blog are probably wondering how come my pregnancy updates stopped at 29 weeks. I did not update this blog since late February because the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy was not pleasant. 1,038 more words


Benefits of Epsom Salt baths!

The past few weeks I have felt my body seizing and tightening up.  It started with my upper shoulders, now I can feel this “pull” from the base of my next right down into my hips!  512 more words

Meishen chemical Group will attend CPhI exhibition

China is the largest producer of active pharmaceutical ingredients in the wold, and in order to promote the benign development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, the CPhI exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on June 26-28th, 2014.  169 more words

Magnesium Could Save Your Life Post-Heart Attack

If you end up in the emergency room with a heart attack, make sure you insist on a 2 cc injection of magnesium sulfate.

In double-blind, placebo-controlled scientific study, they looked at 273 patients who were admitted to the hospital for a heart attack. 286 more words

The gallbladder and Liver Flush

This stone is what came out of my gallbladder/liver after doing the epsom salt liver flush. These stones are in every human being. If you have been eating a crappy diet your whole life i can guarantee these are in you. 109 more words