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I’m currently in a true dreamland. Magnetic island, just off the coast of Queensland city, Townsville. This morning I woke early despite the requests of my family on sleeping in late and rising not before brunch. 180 more words

Townsville, 17th April 2002

ALEX: And then there was light. And we saw that it was good. Fuckin’ hot actually, but we weren’t complaining, after almost a week of English weather. 118 more words

Townsville, 16th April 2002

MEGS: Well Townsville, mmm. Reminds me of Eerie Indiana town – not many people around – shops, cafes, etc all seem to be stuck in olden times.although the place has nightclubs, bars and a cinema?! 63 more words

Aural Delights Podcast Retrospective

Bob Osbourne from Aural Delights has done an excellent retrospective of my past and present oeuvre. He has included songs from all my projects, including: Las Lanas, Magnetic Island, Renminbi, and Danger, Giant Ranger! 73 more words

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On a mission

So I didn’t know that Queensland, unlike New South Wales, is tropical. The vegetation is very like Thailands. Humidity is high (my hair loves this…) and sweat flows freely whenever you walk above a snails pace. 1,444 more words

Airlie Beach, 13th April 2002

MEGS: Lazy day, shopping in morning, and called up loads of hostels in Magnetic island. Finally settled on Foresthaven, in Arcadia, Alma Bay – which is where we wanted to be on the island. 38 more words

Airlie Beach, 12th April 2002

MEGS: Patchy day, weather-wise, fuck off rain. Walked to Airlie Beach town, done some emailing and shopping for shorts and postcards. Need to sort out Magnetic Island accomodation. 59 more words