Maharishi Mahesh Yogi often quoted a Rig Veda shloka : richo akshare parame vyoman, which translates as “Knowledge is structured in consciousness.”

Everything we do depends upon the quality of our consciousness. 

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Happy Holidays - ratpag Returns

It’s true:  ratpag is back.

So what brought us back?  And what exactly were we doing all that time?

It’s been an interesting few months since we began our hiatus (we struggled over whether to call it a  451 more words

Harvard Unveils MRI Study Proving Meditation Literally Rebuilds The Brain’s Gray Matter In 8 Weeks

Test subjects taking part in an 8-week program of mindfulness meditation showed results that astonished even the most experienced neuroscientists at Harvard University

The study was led by a Harvard-affiliated team of researchers based at Massachusetts General Hospital, and the team’s MRI scans documented for the very first time in medical history how meditation produced massive changes inside the brain’s gray matter. 485 more words