Lately I’ve been reviewing old journals written at various times in my life. I’m quilting together a new novel and finding amazing little pieces that are just what I need to tickle my memory. 357 more words


How Transcendental Meditation Has Rewired Who I Am.

Problems will disappear as darkness disappears with the onset of light. ~ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

We discover we’ve found what we’re looking for in life when it falls on us from the sky. 429 more words

Women's Equality Day

As is customary on such formal occasions the responsibility for writing a commemorative post devolves upon The Slo-Man.

August is a grand old month. Not only does the first whisper of cooler climes caress your cheek as you walk to work, but  August brings the first jackets, the last languorous look at lighted evenings before the days shorten faster and faster. 792 more words