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Welcome to our new and improved site!!

I am happy to announce our new and improved website. Have a look around, if you have been here before do not worry all the information you could previously find is still here. 55 more words

Mahatma in Manhattan #iphoneography #photigraphy #NYC #gandhi

While walking in NYC by the union square 14th street my wife pointed me to this statue of Mahatma Gandhi.
Shot and processed using my iPhone.


Reform oneself before reforming others

By Swami Chinmayananda

All are busy trying to reform others.  But hardly anyone has the time or patience to reform oneself.   Majority of people, themselves wallowing in ignorance, pose outwardly as wise & knowledgeable, & take up the task of reforming others.   17 more words


Day 3: Porbandar, City of Gandhi

Porbandar is a small city on the Western Coast of Gujarat. It may not ring a bell, unless you know it is also the city where Mahatma Gandhi was born. 38 more words


Times when tenacity helps you.

When you are striving to become better, by all means be tenacious.

Fill your heart with positive energy. Seek hope and optimism from every corner of your day. 65 more words

The Aim of Yoga

According to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the ultimate aim of Yoga is to reach “Kaivalya” (emancipation or ultimate freedom). This is the experience of one’s innermost being or “soul” (the Purusa). 132 more words