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The Measure of Mahler (4)

I’m keen to get back to the issue of our classical repertoire’s ‘functional extinction’; but before I do, there’s one other Mahler theme I really can’t stop myself enthusing about. 855 more words

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The Measure of Mahler (3)

Before putting this topic away for a little while — yes, it’ll be coming back, don’t worry! — there’s another of Mahler’s ‘great thematic statements’ I’d like to nudge beginners towards, if they’ll allow me. 818 more words

Musical 'finds'

Conspiracy Hour: The Curse of the Ninth

I try to space out the types of posts I make at least a little bit, but this week we get two different conspiracy theories because they both run in a similar vein. 344 more words


The Measure of Mahler (2)

In yesterday’s posting, you may remember, we entered the world of Mahler’s Sixth Symphony (1903-4) — or, at any rate, the world of its finale, whose introduction we heard whole (but by itself). 804 more words

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The Measure of Mahler...

Yes, I know the ‘Game Over’ thread hasn’t yet reached its proper conclusion; but you see, the thing is that some of my friends and regular readers could be described as people who are… 1,006 more words

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Calgary Philharmonic delivers charged performance of Mahler's Sixth Symphony

In terms of public interest, Mahler is on a roll these days. Even after 50 years of the Mahler revival, the interest in Mahler shown no sign of abating, with festivals held all over the world, not the least at the celebrated Lucerne Festival, where Claudio Abbado held court until his recent death. 614 more words


Mahler: Symphony No. 9

Considering I’ve been a confirmed Mahler-ite for several years now, it still feels wrong that I haven’t heard his entire symphonic output. Mahler’s last complete symphony might be the most quintessential Mahler symphony, because during it’s four movements, it touches on everything that makes Mahler, Mahler. 306 more words