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Inbox by Google - A week with a smartbox

It’s about that someone did something about the e-mail that’s become a menace. Google seems to be taking the problem with e-mail seriously and it does reflect in their new (maybe future of email) app “Inbox”. 652 more words


Don't have a Google Inbox invite? Mailbox is nearly identical and available now

Email junkies were thrilled when Google released a new app, Inbox, last week. Inbox is a major upgrade over Gmail’s previous smartphone app and, as I reviewed, it is my new… 411 more words


App Review: Mailbox

When we were growing up, getting our very own e-mail address was an exciting first step into becoming more of an adult. I still remember eagerly e-mailing my best friend in fourth grade every day and it seemed like the greatest invention ever. 440 more words


Burn your ships, Inbox by Gmail is here

There’s an oft-debated historical reference made about Hernado Cortes burning his ships after they landed in the New World to encourage his men to fight and survive there rather than giving in too easily and sailing home. 1,739 more words


The Walk to the Mailbox

The slow walk to the mailbox.

The unnerving, unsettling, walk to the mailbox.

The will I be able to pay my rent walk to the mailbox. 130 more words


Puppy Chronicles # 3

The puppy rolled in her own piss today. Twice.  And she has had two baths since.  I am covered in claw marks, and she is currently sprinting around the apartment and yelping at the top of her lungs to relieve the anxiety. 118 more words


Google Play’deki En İyi 5 Mail Uygulaması

Kullanıcılar, maillerine bakabilmek için telefon üreticilerinin telefonlarıyla beraber sundukları mail uygulamalarını kullanmak yerine 3. parti uygulamalar yönelebiliyorlar. Bunun en açık sebebi… bu yazının devamı ; … 15 more words