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Thursday Tech Day - The Library is on Social Media!

Greetings everyone!

As you may or may not know, the Library is on various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more! In today’s post, I’m going to tell you a little bit about what you can expect to find on each of our sites. 465 more words


The key to a good logo is first knowing your product

When successful tech companies change or adapt their logos, they make headlines — even if it’s just Google adjusting the space between letters. However, most of these new designs are just a new iteration of whatever logo the company had when it launched. 289 more words

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Be Local.

Small businesses are the true heart of a thriving community. Let’s shine a light on yours. 35 more words


Work Local.

We have worked with many small businesses, so we get it.

Let us grab that marketing hat from you.

It looks good on us. 36 more words


Provide Local.

It’s time you hand your marketing efforts to a team of capable, local hands. 260 more words


Technological tools for advocacy and outreach

In the current time people can’t imagine how important technology is. All around us various technologies are helping people to live their life with more information. 455 more words

Teaching AND Teching: say what?

That’s right.  Don’t worry, my head is spinning too.

I am guilty of taking a momentary detour away from JavaScript because — hey, when genius strikes… 176 more words

Career Change