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Wanna keep up to date on my book releases, book events, exclusive content, and more? Make sure to sign up for my mailing list (and my Facebook page) … 56 more words

Marketing And PR

Time-Capped Education: Why 3 Days are Better Than 3 Months for College Students.

The demand for entrepreneurship education is rapidly growing at universities with almost 90% of students now believing that entrepreneurial skills are “vitally important given the new economy”. 644 more words

Congratulations on your new Web Presence! Consider these thoughts.

An open letter based on dialogue with an agency we did some volunteer work for recently…

So! You registered a domain and directed traffic to a WordPress or Wix (wherever) website. 810 more words

Best Practices

SP2 News Break

When I joined the School of Social Policy & Practice, electronic publications were sent once every three months, leaving a large gap between communications with alumni, donors, and students. 75 more words


Here's something for you

Every week, I send an email out to a few hundred people. I call it, For Everyone’s Eyes Only or F.E.E.O. for short. It has some jokes, some interesting articles and some tweets by other funny people. 25 more words

How to setup email newsletter with mailchimp - RSS to Email

How to setup email newsletter with mailchimp – RSS to Email, mailchimp is a popular email newsletter provider with more than 6 million people using their services. 28 more words

Don't Forget the Good Old E-mail Marketing

E-mail, in technology years, is ancient. The first e-mails were sent in 1993, that makes email a whole 21 years old. We tend to think that newer is always better and that older is always worse.   797 more words