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Tandoori Chicken Drumlets

“Chicken so tender

It melts right through,

With flavor & spices

Oh-so fool proof.

Baked or pan-fried

That’s your call,

But the taste takes you back… 344 more words


Cabbage & Beans on Toasted Rye (Central-European Flavored Bruschetta)

Cabbage and beans on toasted rye is one of those quick, easy meals that I can pretty much make when I practically have nothing in the fridge and zero will to walk the literally 3 minutes it takes to get to the closest shop. 303 more words

Year Round

Capsicum Curry with Chutney Powder | TummyKhush

All of us tend to have chutney powders in the home pantry, be it made by mom who stocks it up every time she comes visiting (in my case mom-in-law), or store bought. 456 more words

Curries And Gravies

Picking up an Old Hobby

It has been a couple of months since I last drew something. I am not particular artistic, but I do enjoy doing some artwork now and again. 53 more words

Main Course

Indian Chicken Curry

Malaysian are blessed with numerous versions of chicken curries influenced by Indian, Malay, Punjabi, Chinese, Nyonya, Thai and even the Indonesian cuisine. Malaysian-Indian cuisine are adaptations of authentic dishes from India using local Malaysian produce. 642 more words


8 Hour Lamb with Herby Dressing and Crumbled Feta

I came across this particular recipe in the first cook book I bought since being in Australia ‘What Katie Ate’ and this is what inspired me to create my own food blog. 708 more words


Deep Dish Swiss Chard and Gouda Quiche

Super duper thanks to McGee family friend Iris for providing me with the greens for this recipe. She has started her own CSA here in Fairbanks and Jake’s mom and I split what she brings every week. 664 more words

Main Course