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Day 40

The crew is pouring the concrete of the ground slab of the house and is doing the preparatory work to pour the concrete of the rest of the ground slabs.

Main House

Day 16& Day 17

Day 16

The owners and the architects visit the construction site. Pouring of the foundation concrete.

Day 17

The owners and all the crews that are currently working on the project had lunch at a local taverna. 15 more words

Main House

Day 14 & 15

Day 14

The crew is removing all the steel from the parts that have been damaged by the whirlwind

First parts of the foundations begin to reveal. 41 more words

Day 13

Day 13

The wind in the area is still very strong. The usually calm waters of the Ag. galini port are rough which has surprised the locals. 42 more words

Day 12

Since last night we have had really strong winds in our area. Arriving on site today with great disappointment we saw that a whirlwind had destroyed part of the swimming pool. 21 more words

Day 11

Day 11

The inspector was on site to make all the necessary inspections and approve of the work that has been done so far. He gave us the green light so we now have to wait for the official approval on paper from the Building Permit office in Rethymno to continue… 24 more words

Day 10

All foundational steel work has been completed and we are ready for inspection from the Building permit Office in Rethymno. An appointment has been set for tomorrow morning. 13 more words