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Health Warrior

Uses ancient wisdom to nourish the conqueror inside of you.
This Chia based bar, inspired by the Aztecsā€š the use of the chia seeds as a source of strength, has inspired us to help you face the busy challenges of modernity. 26 more words

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Monday Morning Musings.......

It is Spring day down South and already the light has subtlety changed, the air has a warm touch to it, the birds are chortling and chirruping and the Jasmine, my spring heralder is in full bloom. 43 more words


Sometimes it seems like love alone is not enough to have a successful relationship. We seem to have many conflicts with people we love. What else other than love is needed?

I tell you, Completion! Completion with yourself and with others is the most important ingredient of relationship. Love is actually the side-effect of the relationship. Completion is the main ingredient of relationship. 106 more words