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Dumb Deaths To Die 4# — Afraid Of Having Fears About Phobias

Quite redundant… though we can move forward, if you are not afraid. Have you ever gone through a phobia, daft fear, or anything related to? 416 more words

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For a fantastic Friday, what would be better than a witty quotation (rest, eat, watch a fly)? Nothing! That’s why we prepared it, a little shakespearian reflection about those snobbish people around the web, real life, nightmares, your mom’s jealous fifty-years-old friend, and so annoyingly on… (try to) enjoy!

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Turkey Steak in Mushroom Cream Sauce

Serves 1 Total time 10 mins 1 turkey steak,
4-6 tbsp double cream
½ tin of mushrooms
or 5-10 fresh mushrooms sliced* 211 more words

Rebel Like A Pony 3# — No Apples Today?!

Scholar problems this year… haven’t brought tasty apples to your “dearest” teacher. Your mom have warned you several times! Though, you preferred not to listen to her, but this… 274 more words

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{Quiz} Which Cellphone Would You Be?

This article is dedicated to all the Webbies who are tech-alienated (or not so much) for discovering which cellphone they are likely to be… principally nowadays, that is all about weirdness. 22 more words

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Dear, "Uncryptography" It, Please

The plastics… they are everywhere, here, there (~almost an outdoor~)… they might even appear in your shoes, your dog’s food, and so disturbingly on. Though, don’t feel depressed, this article is not (only) about these b… eautiful people, but their… 265 more words

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Cowardly Braves 4# — Double-Faced Truth

Truth… a word that bunches of not-too-polite people may get frightened to hear, as known as liars. These just-wrapping-up-the-reality-a-little-much people have their time left counted! 188 more words

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