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North East Themed Wall Clock

Here is a quick look at a wall clock I just finished.

It is for someone from the north east who wanted to remember his earlier days. 82 more words

Custom Made

Old Man Jones

I was riddled with rock salt from the old man in Jones’s Field. The big kids in the neighborhood told me about this man who lived in a farmhouse next to the pasture not far from my house. 625 more words



Streams that could be harnessed for water power were prized in earlier periods of American history, perhaps nowhere more than in New England. Here are views of a mill on the Great Works River (fittingly named by Quakers) in South Berwick, Maine.


April 17th, 2014 #139

Always a fun and very yummy time! I tried a wine called Snoqualmie Riesling, it was fantastic!

Campsites Are Microcosms of Eastern USA’s Diversity

Conflict between urban and rural ways of life has been part of human experience since the 5th Century BC – just ask Aesop. The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, a fable from the Ancient Greek writer’s famous collection, uses hungry anthropomorphised mice to illustrate the arguments for and against each lifestyle. 787 more words


Perspective is Everything

It’s all a matter of perspective. I love what these photos can tell us about our pre-conceived notions or our ways of looking at things in our world. 268 more words


The governor's Lincoln

I remember feeling a huge sense of delight over this story about Maine Gov. James Longley’s Lincoln Continental. Why? Because reporters love to catch politicians in this sort of delicious paradox. 535 more words