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You WILL Accept Your Programming.

Further evidence of social programming . . .

(by Lisa M. Harrison)


Nice report on proportion of educators in news coverage, but @MMFA did shill for #CommonCore

Media Matters tells us what many have mentioned ad nauseam in our community for the last several years: Major media outlets do not rely on actual educators for commentary. 36 more words

Media Matters

How dare Obama quote Scripture!

You know, if I had given it a moment’s worth of thought, I might have been able to predict that one conservative mainstream media outlet would criticize the president of the United States for quoting Scripture. 227 more words

National News

Never-Ending Islamic Violence Across One Quarter of the Earth

Did you know that one quarter of the Earth’s land surface is occupied by Islamic nations? In this case, “Islamic nations” refers to nations where the population is predominantly Muslim and/or the government, culture, and legal systems have been significantly conformed and shaped by Islamic beliefs. 1,287 more words


Shock and horror at killings, but not when victims are Palestinians

I admit it….I usually watch the news on BBC….why?  They for the most part are much better than the news in the US.  I have found their Achilles Heel…..Israel. 74 more words

International Situations

Farewell Mike Nichols

Submitted by MIKE SPINDELL

It’s been announced that Mike Nichols died today at age 83. He was a brilliant man of so many talents which you can glean from the two previous links. 75 more words

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