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NYT Is Lost in Its Ukraine Propaganda | Consortiumnews

Ukraine makes the news almost everyday….well in the rest of the world that does not have a Super Bowl to agonize over………..and most of the reports we see and read are he said they said propaganda……and some of the largest newspapers here in the US have been the worst at reporting on the Ukraine conflict…… 9 more words


The war on leaks has gone way too far when journalists' emails are under surveillance

Trevor Timm writes for The Guardian:

‘The outrageous legal attack on WikiLeaks and its staffers, who are exercising their First Amendment rights to publish classified information in the public interest—just like virtually every other major news organization in this country—is an attack on freedom of the press itself, and it’s shocking that more people aren’t raising their voices (and pens, and keyboards) in protest. 313 more words


Mainstream media covers dog poop story instead of medical kidnapping of teen boy

(NaturalNews) You will never hear us at Natural News accuse the mainstream media of good news judgment, especially when it comes to political coverage, but some decisions made by news editors and producers just baffles us — and radio host Robert Scott Bell. 728 more words


The pro life world blasts the main stream media

By Tom Quiner

Viewers are customers.

Television networks desperately need us to watch their news shows so they can generate more ad revenues.

Interestingly, Fox News has higher news ratings than all of the television broadcast and cable news sources. 535 more words


Apocalypse now, or just another dumb forecast?

“What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate,” I told Swamp Rabbit, quoting from an old movie but referring to Philly-based John Bolaris, one of the shiny happy people paid by the media machine to communicate weather forecasts. 213 more words

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Snowpocalypse Now!

I am an insomniac!  Surprise how else could I keep up to date with world events if I am sleeping like a baby?

Anyway….last night between the cat naps while watching the news I was inundated with the dread of a record snowfall for NYC and points north.  460 more words