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James Risen and the Crisis in Investigative Journalism

John Kendall Hawkins writes for CounterPunch:

‘Lots of people when they think of journalism have in mind the mum-and-pop variety —  car crashes and the latest gossip, local politics, sports, all the little details about “the time the doorknob broke,” to trot out an old Bob Dylan lyric. 328 more words


Beware The Mainstream Media

Whenever the mainstream media champions a person, event, or cause, I quickly research it to find out what their agenda is (if it’s not obvious). Likewise when the mainstream media attack, lampoon, or condemn. 755 more words


New York Times: Harry Reid "seethed" at a disengaged Barack Obama

 According to the New York Times Barack Obama held a meeting in June about the situation in Iraq and during this meeting Harry Reid took the opportunity to discuss the Republicans holding up Barack Obama’s ambassador nominees. 501 more words


How the rest of the world sees Ferguson

Adam Taylor and Rick Noack write for The Washington Post:

‘In many ways, the chaotic situation in Ferguson, Mo., seems like something that shouldn’t happen in America. 99 more words


How we'd cover Ferguson if it happened in another country - Vox

I have heard many people bitch about the coverage that Ferguson is getting and depending on your political orientation you either approve or disapprove….this piece is a good look at the world of media coverage…. 46 more words


FDA, mainstream media denounce nano silver as ‘bogus cure’ for Ebola virus

Editor’s Note:  I believe he is refering to “Colloidal Silver”: which I FULLY endorse, and personally use, as needed for all types of Viruses, Bacteria, and Fungus – I have multiple personal experiences with friends and family, and 100% success when properly used…  Email me if you would like to know where to buy. 491 more words