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Red Pill or Blue Pill?

This is the Matrix.

Yesterday I had one of those moments when I realize that all hope is not lost. Regardless of how the machine chews up and spits out peoples’ souls, in the name of law enforcement, security and ‘protection’, the bulk of our LE employees are still very human, generally amiable and I have no doubt would risk their own lives to aid a ‘civilian’ even if off-duty. 625 more words


5 Journalists Labeled 'Traitors' for Doing Their Job

‘Abby Martin goes over 5 instances of Pulitzer prize winning journalists who have been labeled ‘Traitors’ for their coverage of groundbreaking stories, highlighting journalists such as Neil Sheehan of the New York times for publishing the Pentagon Papers, and most recently Glenn Greenwald and his coverage of the ongoing NSA’s dragnet spying.’ (Breaking the Set)


The Corruption of Mainstream Media

First the good news: The Pulitzer Prize for Public Service was not only the best covered of its awards this year, but it recognized a series of disclosures that made many media outlets nervous, if not adversarial – the publication of National Security Agency secrets leaked by Edward  1,294 more words


THE PEDRO CHILDREN are going back to Portugal - thanks to Consulate and Embassy!

After Slovakia, Portuguese officials managed to stop a forced adoption and return the children to their home country!

The two youngest children will not be adopted and all of them will go back under the supervision of Portuguese authorities! 120 more words

EU Parliament

Labour Party hire Obama campaign propagandist David Axelrod as election advisor

From BBC News:

The Labour Party has appointed US election strategist David Axelrod as a strategic adviser on leader Ed Miliband’s 2015 election campaign. Mr Axelrod was a key architect of Barack Obama’s victory over John McCain in the 2008 presidential race. 122 more words


Doubtful News ~ The News That Questions All other News

References encouraged, anecdotes discouraged, proselytizing and

promotion of piffle PROHIBITED. 


1. Be the one-stop source of fascinating news for more critical thinkers.

2. Show you something you may not find on your own and address it faster than the mainstream media with additional useful information to judge the claims. 57 more words

Ozzies Corner

America's Science (IL)Literacy Crisis- Zack Johnson

Google “1 in 4 Americans Thinks the Sun Orbits the Earth” and you will be inundated with articles covering this statistic from the NSF’s (National Science Foundation)  1,401 more words

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