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Mainstream or Special Needs? - My placement update!

Mainstream or Special Educational Needs teaching? Now that’s a difficult question.

A question that is hard to answer, having only experienced a few examples of each. 817 more words


LED Car Light, The Mainstream of Future Auto Light Market

With the continuous development of LED technology, its application in the automotive sector is also increasingly widespread up . However, the current LED manufacturers in the headlights , backlight, lighting and other three applications market is still in development, certification stage , the demand for lean so little contribution to industrial growth this year , but with the accelerated industrialization , LED manufacturers next year

Loneristically psyched "Tame Impala"

We’re back for another psychedelic advocate, Tame Impala!

This is a band that seemed to have traveled from 1960s to the future (well, this is actually the goal of the Aussie lead, Kevin Parker). 238 more words


Can we please castrate the imaginary huevos...

Can we please castrate the imaginary huevos gained from sitting behind a computer screen? Every day I come across some post regarding how we should… 541 more words


Billie Joe Armstrong: Replacing a Replacement

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong joined the Replacements as a replacement for injured vocalist/guitarist Paul Westerberg on Friday at Coachella, a popular music festival in Indio, Calif.


Connecting with Atheists

It’s Easter Monday, and I have a confession to make.  Prior to Easter’s arrival, I saw a news account regarding billboards in different parts of the country declaring in one way or another that the accounts of Jesus and His life are no more than a myth. 974 more words


The Shadowy Ballerina (how I got my mojo back)

I seriously lost mine this weekend, I did my nails about six times and NOTHING was working out. I think I was just trying too hard to do something I thought other people would like (so I could blog it) and not just doing what I wanted. 423 more words

Nail Art