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Her name is Shelly. I met her outside a supermarket yesterday. She and another woman were taking donations in exchange for poppies to celebrate Veteran’s Day. 675 more words

Fixing your bed at nighttime because daytime is just too mainstream.

Nail Polish Direct: China Glaze Birthday Haul

So a couple of weeks back NPD did a sale on their china glaze – I think it was 25% off and after a bit of persuasion my lovely Mum agreed I could order some as an early Birthday present. 1,202 more words


The Dirty Heads - Sound Of Change

Suggests Krautrock and teases Celtic stomp before divebombing into the shallow end of produced emo pop. Not bad, but the flight to formula is disappointing when something twisted and cool was briefly threatened.


The Collective Memory of Gangsta Rap and Its Effect on the Black Community

December 10, 2011

According to the book Black Demons: The Media’s Depiction of the African American Male Criminal Stereotype by Dennis Rome, “African American men are most typically seen as criminals, athletes, sports commentators, or entertainers; African American women are shown in domestic or sexual roles or as sex objects” (Rome 6). 3,406 more words


Fringiness---I Mean Weed

Everyone is talking. It doesn’t seem to mean anything. There is this great big push, finally, for the government to legalize marijuana. Weed is illegal, but I could go down the block and get it right now. 278 more words