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Black Friday/What To Wear

In honor of the craziest shopping day in America, I’ve decided to whip up one of my favorite looks. A stylish, causal and most importantly warm look in NEEDED when braving the malls this year! 195 more words


The Unsinkable Charles Lightoller

When Titanic’s Second Officer Charles Lightoller knew the ship was sinking, he wasted no time in asking Captain Smith for orders to fill the lifeboats. 621 more words


The Escalator of Death

I’m having such a fat day today, it’s ridiculous! I’m also trying to hide it from my flatmates by smuggling food into my room and scoffing it before they find the evidence *crams pizza into mouth*. 677 more words


Adam Teighe #2: Specialist Interview (Part One)

For those who may not already know, my dissertation focuses very specifically on the dialectics of promotion and content creation/curation within the electronic music community. A subculture more commonly referred to as the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene, its participants network and operate extensively in both the digital and the physical world.  622 more words


Luxury elements in the classic wardrobe. (Après Paris wardrobe update)

The definition for luxury is very broad. I used to think of it, as stacks of Louis Vuitton monogrammed trunks, and constant shopping sprees at Libertys. 217 more words

Minnesota & Exmag Announce NYE Show In Detroit

Minnesota and Exmag will team up on New Year’s Eve to perform at The Majestic in Detroit. The celebration presented by React Detroit and ELEKTRICITY will also feature Dopeadellic. 11 more words


...I Saw Eric Hutchinson!

My best friend introduced me to Eric Hutchinson this past summer and I have been hooked ever since.

Turns out my roommate LOVE him too and so when I got an email saying he was going to be in Madison for not too expensive, I got tickets for the three of us and my other best friend. 17 more words