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Make Do And Mend Booklet

I picked up this little booklet from a local museum, it’s called ‘Make Do And Mend’ and it’s a reprint from 1943.

The Make Do And Mend campaign started during World War Two to encourage people to preserve clothing whilst materials were being rationed.   34 more words


The Mulberry Dress

This poor dress, I think it came originally from Peacocks. I’m certain I got it at the same time as the brown and teal skirt project which also started out as a dress. 567 more words


You old bag!

Fix that zip bag. Success and failure.

I have a great messenger zip bag. I really like it. It’s a curiosity.


It has a strip of Velcro to close it but the hook side is on the flap and the catch side is on the bag. 67 more words


Old t shirts make a new seat


Our lovely friend A– had left this out for someone to adopt. It caught my eye because it’s one of those projects everyone did at school – my mum made one, my little sister made one. 48 more words


A tribute to The Wombles: living in the 1970s

In England in 1977, there was a massive drought. Standpipes were out in the streets and people had to get water for everything by bucket. The concept was that we had to watch what we used carefully. 1,213 more words


Ants in the kitchen

I don’t know what happened to February.  It passed right on by me without notice.  I was sick in bed almost the whole month of March.   391 more words


Creativity in Context: Research Poster Rough Draft

Been working on this over the last few days.

First, the rough shape I wanted it (click for better pic):

I chose to feature the triangle as the most distilled version of the recycling symbol. 58 more words

Creativity In Context