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Window quilt instructions

I got a couple of emails asking for directions to make the window quilts.  Ok, it’s very simple.  Use whatever type blanket, comforter, quilted fabric, or plain fabric you want to use as your window covering.   662 more words

Frugal Living

Creative nest part one

Creative nest sounds better than work room and yesterday I managed to get more work done on my creative nest than I thought I would, this was met with great pleasure as I am almost finished. 841 more words

Behind The Scenes

Quilt in a week

I actually could have finished this in a day but, well, i have a 4month old baby lol This is for my step brother who became a father on the weekend. 187 more words

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Now for something completely different

It’s been all ‘veg box, veg box, veg box’ with me lately, so here’s something new. Today I’m having a crack at my first homemade skirt – I know; ooh, la la! 144 more words

Becoming Good

It's that darned polar vortex again

Ready or not it’s back.  Polar vortex is weather speak for really cold and nasty weather.  Am I ready for that? Not quite, even though I’m much better off than I was just a few years ago.   456 more words

Frugal Living

This week's menu...

It’s just gone 10am and I’ve already had this week’s veg box delivered.

So, here we have it…

Some Tunisian dates seem to have crept in – not so homegrown and organic to South Yorkshire – but, I’m guessing as I’m one item up on my usual haul, these are a bit of a bobby bonus to the box. 110 more words

Becoming Good

cinderella, cinderella

Today was a day we’ve been looking forward to for a while. It was time to celebrate the girls. Our Harriet has a birthday in two days and Norah in three weeks, so we planned a double birthday party for today. 431 more words

Our Little Ones