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Thrift... in the so-called 'Age of Austerity'

Samuel Smiles’ Victorian classic Thrift is the jumping off point for my next sole-authored book. It will look at how the ‘making do and mending’ version of thrift became the ‘keep on spending’ (in a pound store for bargains) version of thrift in the post-Keynesian era. 170 more words


Sock it to 'em

I’ve had a game stab at making sock toys today. They look like deranged bunnies, but stuffed sock toy bunnies nonetheless.

This bright idea came about as I wondered whether, in my 2015 world of self-sufficiency, I really could go a year without buying the kids any toys. 515 more words



Is the essence of a joyful  life what you notice?  Not so long ago, I would notice what was wrong.  It came from a place of wanting to help and looking for problems to solve.   113 more words


Cupboard love - the thrown-together chocolate cake

I’m sitting at my kitchen table watching the oven which, on a very low heat, is melting dark chocolate and lightly salted butter together into a deliciously heart-stopping cocktail. 1,193 more words

Becoming Good

the boy cave

I painted a wooden car and wooden door hanger ($2) from the craft store with acrylics–it says “Hugh and” (the “and” because I haven’t filled in his little brother’s name yet). 502 more words

Make Do And Mend

waste not, want not

Oh dear.

This poor little dotty bag has been looking a little worse for wear for a while now.

I’ve been on the lookout for a replacement, but nothing quite fit the bill. 260 more words

Look What I Made!

it's boy cave time

I know my decorating projects are funny. They are always homemade, often small-scale, never even remotely professional. But I have so much fun with it. 333 more words

Make Do And Mend