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Time and Time Again I see Your Face Smiling Inside

My adolescent years were in the ’70s and, like anyone being nostalgic about their past, feel that the music of my youth is unparalleled by comparison to what is being written and recorded today. 303 more words

Songs About Relationship

Hiya, Hello, Howdy...

HI everyone and welcome to ‘Healthy up North’…

This is my blog, a track of my journey from slightly (ok, very!) unhealthy to, well, much more healthy – it doesn’t get more complicated than that :-) … 283 more words

Happy And Healthy

If people are talking behind your back,

then just fart. ~ Anonymous

My Daily Diary

8-Year-Old Drummer Plays Chicago's "Make Me Smile"

Meet 8-year-old drumming master Avery Molek. He’s been posting videos of his progress as he learns to play the drums since he was six. What did you do today? 165 more words


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Make Me Smile.”

There is one thing that will usually make me smile, apart from my animals, and that is good music.

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