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[Photo] False Evidence Appears Real

Let go of your fear. You don’t need to be afraid.

Släpp din rädsla. Du behöver inte vara rädd.

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Make Money Blogging

[Photo] Who Ever Said We Were Separated?

The natural order of things is that we are in fact connected.

Everything in nature is connected and you and I are natural.

Faktum är att den naturliga ordningen av saker och ting är i förhållande till varandra. 26 more words


The Power of Suggestion!

Is it really possible to change how people think by using the power of suggestion?

I think the best example of this is the “placebo effect”, giving fake drugs that can make us better. 166 more words

[Video] Share The Light Inside Of You

Future Islands – Spirit on KEXP Radio

Don’t cast away, Don’t cast away 
Don’t let them cast a role for you 


Be more than words… 28 more words


[Photo] Have You Been Waiting For A Sign?

It’s time for change!

Det är dags för förändring!

Results Not Typical, Please See Full Income Disclosure


[Photo] Can You Really Make Money Blogging?

Click The Photo To Find Out How You Can Do It Too!

Join Me In The Pursuit Of Freedom?

If You Join ME I’ll Teach You… 38 more words