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S for Substitute

Okay I feel like my previous blog post, I didn’t write it right.

So here goes.

The next day S picked me up from my home so I can come hang out at his place before he had to send me to my girls night out. 1,217 more words



His wife was having a rough week. Somehow everything had lumped together to bring her to a grinding halt. He noticed as soon as he came home and kissed her as he always did. 384 more words


Did Rihanna And Leonardo DiCaprio Hook Up At The Playboy Mansion?

According to Us Weekly, Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna‘s mouths hooked up at the Playboy mansion Saturday night. It always says that “one source” saw something go down. 133 more words


VIDEO: Is This Woman Kissing A Stranger On The Kiss Cam Real Or Fake?

Last week, there was the video of a woman being rescued by Benny The Bull after her boyfriend wouldn’t kiss her on the Kiss Cam at a Bulls game. 86 more words


Larry: the hater turned things round

I have been agonizing for the past two days. It’s not even been a week since the beginning of the New Year and I’ve already managed to ruin everything. 633 more words

When a guy is TOO into you...

Everyone knows it’s really awkward getting to know someone that you just met. It gets even more weird when you have a fat crush on that person & you can’t stop thinking about making out with them instead of actually listening to what they have to say. 903 more words


part 3

10.went into the bathroom door with WY, locked it. people came in after.
11. WY kicked the toilet seat up. he wanted to make it seem like we were actually going to the bathroom. 18 more words