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TINDER: 2 Dates. 1 Week.

Remember when I said that I was “23 and had only been on 1 date”… Well that’s changed in the last week. I am now “23 and I have been on 3 dates” My secret?! 1,067 more words


Why you should be friends with bartenders (but don't date them!!)

Okay that title jumps to conclusions, I apologize for that. But I have some cool valid points and some shitty reasons as well. So at least read my advice!! 793 more words

Single Ladies

16 Nov 14 - Partial

I was with a very beautiful & voluptuous woman, her ample bosoms spilling out of a dress cut and tight that all her curves can be felt just by looking. 71 more words


Dog Face Wash

I wish more of the guys I hooked up with were better kissers. I can’t handle getting my face licked like a dog any damn longer.

I'm Going to Go Crazy... Like For Real

So as it turns out I am kind of super blonde. Well technically I am a ginger, but I give a whole new meaning to the statement that redheads are just blondes with a temper. 423 more words

Be Yourself