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Tempting fate

How to tempt fate:

1. Agree to go out with your friends.

2. But, contrarily, go out in shorts and your nastiest old t-shirt that you’ve been wearing all day. 91 more words


I watched the waves crash onto the shore as the sun disappeared behind the horizon. You cuddled me into a beach towel, and we sat in the sand with your arm around me for the longest time. 88 more words



As the British invasion continues from across the pond, here in the states boy bands seem to be the wave. I am here to say that Rixton is as close to a boy band as Coldplay. 318 more words

Song of the Week

Hello everyone!

I have just noted that I have not posted since the 9th July, almost two weeks ago. Time seems to be flying past me and with work demanding that I awaken at 5am everyday and work overtime, I haven’t had time to write a worthwhile blog post. 488 more words


june 20

yeah buddy.

ok i introduce the social coach about 2 days from now. great term, use it.

if you want to grow a long beard but your beard grows in a weird direction on specific sides of your face, like a “cowlick”, instead of growing straight out from your face like a normalf4g, such as myself, where the hair on the right side of my face grows almost up and out and looks terrible when it gets too long, but i wanted to have a long beard!!! 930 more words


june 20.

umm i am continuing a story i started that will be posted on july 14. so uhh come back and read this post in 2 days hehehe. 1,146 more words

Michelle Rodriguez Making Out With Zac Efron!

Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron were spotted making out off the coast of Italy yesterday and it made everyone say WOAH!

We’re not exactly sure what’s going on but they look like they’re having a blast! 33 more words