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Date #1: Beardy McFuckMe

Pertinent stats: Pretty good job that’s actually like a man’s career (ooer!), bay area native (and would never leave! that’s what they all say), decent hobbies outside of work, TALL (obvs most important part) 675 more words


Day 59: "...some parts are black spots"

With my head in the clouds because I booked my ticket to Hawaii in December.
This day was all about that and nothing else. I could write about the making out session on Waikiki beach last time I was on Hawaii, but some parts are black spots so I’m not sure how to fill those. 56 more words


Ellen Makes Out With Rob Lowe!

This is a day I never thought I’d see! Ellen making out with a MAN!!! While he was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, 52 more words


Sexual Assault

(REMINDER. These stories are real. Because of that, all names and genders have been changed, mixed and may be someone elses perspective than my own. I will not reveal who I am or who these people are. 2,426 more words

Survey: Stray Cats & Superheroes

1) Have you ever had anything removed from your body?

.gas.: Nothing that was supposed to be there in the first place. Oh, come on. 298 more words

Roller Skates

Not just a kiss

It is a little awkward sitting beside him like this. For one, it is difficult to believe we are finally here. Slightly anti-climatic, if you ask me. 1,028 more words



So strangers make out with each other… cute or gross? I also don’t get why this is supposed to advertise WREN’s clothes? Worth watching though ;) if i did it i think my awkwardness would reach new heights…