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Make Something: Digital

Today’s make something assignment is to take something natural and make it look digital. Operating with just my iPhone between business conference events, I pixelated a pansy.

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Make Something: Book Cover

Today I needed to make a cover for my favorite book. I have always said my favorite book is Alice in Wonderland. But in truth, my favorite books are the ones with blank pages that I can fill myself. 15 more words

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Make Something: Half & Half

Traveling homebody.

For the next few days, that’s what I will be. A trip—part business, part relaxation—will take me far from home. And that makes me anxious. 187 more words

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Make Something: Candy

What timing! On the eve of Easter, the make something prompt instructed me to “work only with candy or chocolate.” And can you believe it? The little girls were happy to help with this creation!

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Make Something: Gold

During date night at Target, while my husband waited for me to just finish already, I assembled a few gold items from the jewelry department, arranged them on a counter, then snapped a photo. 20 more words

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Make Something: Uniform

“Design a uniform for a job that doesn’t normally have one.”

My third grader and I discussed this prompt today after school. Emma suggested that I create a… 273 more words

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Make Something: Winged

Today’s make something assignment was to add wings, fur, or a tail to something.

I guess I’m feeling good about building people’s confidence through my coaching relationships and the classes I teach on business writing. 11 more words

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