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Daily makeup routine [Cover FX & MAC]

Just like cooking, I used to dislike make up.  It felt like a chore putting it on every day and I was overwhelmed when shopping for it.   973 more words


Skin and Make up tag

I have recently become a lot better when it comes to looking after my skin and I can hugely thank Kiehls for that. I have always been a skincare floozy and am usually drawn to whatever catches my eye, but lately I have been dedicated to my Kiehls products as I have really noticed a huge difference in my skin since starting to use them. 1,183 more words


Step-By-Step Photos of My Most Used Make-Up Routine (at the moment)

So I was about to do my make-up the other morning and I thought you might like to see what my typical morning routine looks like. 690 more words

School Morning make-up

The school morning; the words make me exhausted. With the mornings getting brighter earlier I have been waking up so much earlier, especially since my windows having no blinds and thin lace curtains meaning my room becomes so bright, yet I still leave it until the last minute until I actually get up. 462 more words

My current make-up routine //OhKayDohKay

After a slight dip in my passion for make-up and fashion, I am back to spending far more than I should and over the last few weeks (as you will have undoubtedly have seen my now) I have acquired many new items. 415 more words