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Could The Mineral Oil Used In Your Skincare Products Be Responsible For Breakouts?

I like to think I’ve always done a decent job of maintaining healthy, clear skin. I tend to steer away from wearing face make-up, I wash my face with delicate products that don’t contain drying aids or alcohol, and I moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! 848 more words


I praise the fraise!

Let’s review the body shop born lippy lip balm, strawberry flavour

1. It’s underpriced.
2. It’s strawberry.
3. Rich shine.
4. Deep maroon tint. 68 more words

Janani Vaishnavi

Saturday Beauty: Dark Lips are my new obsession!

Recently I have been obsessed with all different shades dark colour lipsticks!!! “Lorde” effect?? Maybe !!! But I also love the fact that you can put on the minimal amount of make up and rock the lipsticks all the way. 90 more words



Today I’ve participated in the Five Face Challenge, as seen on instagram and youtube. This means I’ve put together my look using only five products, and have attempted to look as polished as possible! 426 more words


It's my face, not yours: make-up, and why anyone can wear it.

As a relatively ‘butch’ lesbian, I often get asked about why I wear make-up. Questions such as “if you dress like a man why are you wearing make-up?” circulate through many a social gathering and it can be infuriating. 335 more words


Super-Quick Empties Post (from February - oops!)

Ok….so I took photos of some empties in February and then didn’t post about them – oopsie! Let’s get to it, because I want to also post my most recent empties soon – I have a big goal for myself this year in terms of reducing so I want to start entirely fresh! 1,425 more words


Beauty: Splendid

A huge part of my personality is “Waste-not, Want-not,” and it goes for Make-up just as much as the kitchen. I hate waste, but being a cosmetic sales person, I have acquired so much colour product, so I’m going to take the next few weeks to go through my make up drawer and see what other make-up gold I can dig up. 215 more words