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Tartan Jacket

It has taken me a long time to find a Tartan I really like – the combination of colours, and in different quantities, can easily make the pattern look naff or difficult to wear. 290 more words


Mexican Milagros

If there is one thing I just love about Mexican culture it is their arts and crafts, their sense of colour and the whimsical way they use it. 231 more words

LaunchpadS Review

The launchpad as we know is a very popular alternative to the monome. Well known in the maker community as a hackable controller. I got my hands on one of these last year and here’s what I have to say… 124 more words


Simple things

The kids’ school has branded jumpers and fleeces with the school logo on, although you can wear anything the right shade (which is not purple, the camera lies, it’s burgandy, honest). 505 more words


Make: a simple pencil skirt

It’s the time of year that I would normally buy myself a few new items of clothing to brighten up my work wardrobe (the new year and hot weather being the main motivations / excuses). 683 more words



This misguided judgement made,
Carefully placed,
upon the meek.
No word did these speak.
Misguided as followers,
an yet not at all weak.
But those misguided judgment makers, 54 more words