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Goals Accomplished!

I thank God for my strength because I’m always on the move to get things done no matter what my situation is. I’m so close to accomplishing some goals I set for myself by the end of this year! 103 more words


Selling Yourself On What You Want To Achieve

When you are striving for something In life do not worry about how you are going to obtain it; what you must do is hold on to that vision tenaciously and daily sell your vision to yourself. 98 more words


A Donation for Someone who seeks Education Support

To anyone. Please give her 2 minutes of your time to try and win your support.
It can be heard to think about helping someone, when we, ourselves, might not even be in the best position in our lives. 107 more words


Make Something Out of 20 Something Years

Jadi kemarin ada pembicaraan ini sama orang yang baru aku kenal,

“Mbak kalo boleh tau sekarang umur berapa ya?”

“……. Eh berapa ya, kayaknya masih 26… hmm bentar bentar aku itung dulu (di otak  1,139 more words


Chapter 2 - The Rise

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for once again visiting this page. So this week, I opened up about the start (for you American, my Junior years) of high school. 144 more words