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Classy Ca # 29 – Sing out loud. Dream out loud.

It takes more than courage to tell the world what your goals or aspirations in life are.

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My work life, my personal life, my dream life : I'm a Pusher

I initiate. I start things. I seek for new adventures and I push you against the wall until you can take no more. Until you start saying yes. 388 more words


shot by: Joyce Wong (@ms_jwong)

at the beginning of the year – i decided to start making some dreams come true. i made a promise to myself that nothing would hold me back – no matter the cost, the time, the effort… “ 385 more words


The Fight for Growth

So on my journey of getting to the place I want to be, compared with who I am right now, I’d discovering it’s a huge fight! 524 more words


It's All A Pipe Dream

My husband came home the other night and presented me with 2 bags of apples and told me to start saving my pennies as in 5 years I along with a friend will be purchasing the local apple orchard.   187 more words


Dreams and Fear

What are your dreams? What do you fear? Do you fear that your dream won’t come true? Don’t allow fear to destroy your dreams. Your dream must be bigger than your fear. 25 more words


Make it Happen

“Never be limited by what has been done before, or what others might think”

Leonardo da Vinci