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Dreams covered by a blanket.

For that nights when you go to bed to watch love films and imagine your life as a fairy tale. Will it be similar one day? 130 more words



Hi Everyone,

Welcome back! This week I discuss the importance of realizing just because you work hard and are good at what you do it does not mean that it will lead you towards success. 88 more words



Welcome back!

This week, I wanted to discuss the importance of teachers as role models for the youth. I truly feel as though there are way too many teachers that do not care about their jobs enough, nor feel any sort of responsibility towards being a positive influence on the youth. 135 more words


Making Things Happen in 2015

Good morning, friends! I mentioned in my post last week that I had begun participating in Lara Casey’s #2015GoalSetting series. This process is one I so looked forward to after jumping into it for the first time last year. 1,865 more words

Living The Good Life

Advice 101 - Think BIGGER Picture

Hi Everyone,

This is for all the grade 12 students in Ontario that are applying for university or in the process of picking from one of their options. 60 more words


Happy New Year!

Hooray! 2015 is HERE! Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope all of you celebrated a fabulous end to 2014 and welcomed 2015 in with much gladness and joy! 405 more words

Big [Dreams]

Making 2015 Happen!

Can I have, like, 207 goals for 2015?! Because that’s how I feel right now!

There’s something so invigorating about a new year- the fresh calendar pages in front of us, the crisp goals we’ve crafted and the untouched promise of NEW. 742 more words