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Impromptu Video Blog on The GC Denwiddie Show with Bill McCleskey @ The EC

Marketing Tips for the startup or small business.

Video Blog recorded at The Entrepreneur Center in Nashville, TN

Debunking the “Magic Elves” Myth - Just Get It Done

Hey there!

Once again, Make It Happen Monday has arrived and with it, an epiphany for me.

Thanks for allowing me to share. (Ok, I know I didn’t ask, but you’re still reading.) 772 more words

Success Tips

That moment when Socrates who “only knew that he didn’t know anything” almost ruined my possibilities of graduating from UC Berkeley.

         A couple of semesters ago, I was sitting in a philosophy class during which every word that traveled from the professor’s mouth into my ears made no sense. 547 more words


What kind of music inspires you?

What kind of music inspires you?

I was having this conversation with a friend talking about life and goals , while exposing our dailies routines .. 228 more words

As midterms roll around...

We are all here because we have a purpose and if we don’t try to the best of our abilities to be as successful as we can, then we aren’t living to our fullest potential! 15 more words


Secret formula for happiness

I was watching this movie called ” About Time”  where Tim discovers that the males members of the family have the gift of traveling in time. 303 more words

“Love looks like something”

I was meditating in this quote for a few days now, we can say we love something all we want but until we dont demostrate that love in some sort fo way its something far away from real.

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