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Level Thinking - Polymaths and Imaginary Worlds

Michelle and Robert Root-Bernstein — he’s a physiologist and she’s an independent scholar in creativity studies — first came to my attention in 2009, when they were part of an interdisciplinary group studying creativity at Michigan State University. 697 more words

Sharon Wildwind

Go Forth and Make Things!

Have you found your local makerspace yet?  If so, don’t be shy, go play!

These dynamic spaces are being created all over the world to connect you and yours to the many amazing things you didn’t even know you could be great at. 304 more words


Art I Love — a folder to hold notes and other things

Two years before I retired, I said to myself, “It took four years in university to prepare for my career. What are the chances I need two years to get ready to leave my career?” Since the answer to myself was that sounded like a great idea, I started on a self-study mission. 193 more words


Go, Go, Robot Power!

We’ve got Roboticon happening in our town this weekend and we are triple-exclamation-point excited!!! Like can’t breathe correctly as we type this excited! *gasp*

If you want to bring Roboticon to your town, please… 112 more words


Family: Simple Machines

This summer, which seems far away now, I hosted a simple machines storytime for ages 3-7. It was a learning opportunity for both me and those who attended so I thought I’d share it. 1,140 more words

Story Time

Introducing: Howtooooooons!

We’ve got a very short but super-schweet post for you this week, Whirleygiggers!


So much yes happening over their way. Now, go play. Be emboldened by the projects and easy-to-follow graphical instructions.  11 more words