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The One About Building Site Context in Revit

Descriptive titles rule, they keep my writing to a minimum.  This is the second video on the Revit to Real series – please don’t hesitate to post any questions or concepts about the process!


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3D Printing, NASA and Bees –– Its worth a quick blog

When I stumbled upon this article on a web search, I said to myself, “If it has to do with NASA and Bee’s I just have to post a link” .. 301 more words

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Darien Library Revisited

In 2010, we took a sojourn to visit Darien Library and blogged about it. Several weeks ago I decided to drop in and see what they were up to. 234 more words

If driverless cars save lives, where will we get organs?

It’s a dark thought, and the sort of thing only a futurist would think of. Which is why I’m not surprised that Bre Pettis, founder and CEO of the 3D printing company Makerbot, brought it up. 754 more words


CEHPL Printing Ideas into Reality

Depicted in popular medical shows as a life-saving futuristic machine and owned by nerdy celebrities like Wil Wheaton, a 3-D printer is not one of the things you would expect your local library to showcase. 312 more words


Stratasys Sales Surged This Quarter Thanks To The Power Of Home 3D Printing

Stratasys announced some impressive second quarter numbers today, noting that the company saw $178.46 million in revenue this quarter compared to $156.61 million last quarter. 311 more words