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Tell me this isn't wrong

I told Jeep I wasn’t feeling the particular flavor of chemistry I was looking for and I wished him good luck with his search.

He pulled the F-word on me… 135 more words


Pride in One's Work...

From the days when people were proud to put their names on the things that they made.


Brown Derby


Mixing drinks with fresh ingredients is a must for creating the best cocktails and the Brown Derby is a great example of this. It just wouldn’t be the same without the tang of fresh grapefruit juice to balance the soft oak flavours of the bourbon and sweet honey. 83 more words


Conquering War & Peace

My book nook

Mission accomplished. How did I achieve this feat? Discipline, bro. I’m not the world’s slowest reader, but I do zone out/fall asleep/drink a ton of water & then require 12 bathroom breaks  a lottt when I read books. 684 more words


Kentucky Bourbon Steak

Something completely enjoyable happened a week ago.  The “winter that would not end” finally gave us a bit of a break, and I finally found my way to something I’ve been missing for five long months: 403 more words

Good To Grill!

Comacho's Corojo

Saturday evening I had two cigars for the first time and a pipe in between them.  It was a beautiful fun-filled evening on Saturday with friends, colleagues and family.   61 more words

Lifted Literary Longings

There’s a dude named Hank Shaw who’s a kinda famous writer. I’m not him. Famous Hank Shaw is a well-known chef/author/forager who describes himself on his blog “Hunter Angler Gardener Cook” ( 361 more words