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A device that lets you work on your fitness while gaming

Great news, gamers! You no longer need to sacrifice your health and fitness during all-night gaming binges. Thanks to Daniel Åkesson, you can level up all while staying fit! 256 more words

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Creating an ultrasonic radar system with AVR

Created by Maker Anuj Dutt, RADAR is an ATmega328 powered object detection system that uses radio waves to determine the range, altitude, direction, or speed of objects within range. 98 more words


Controlling a Christmas tree with tweets

In just 140 characters or less, anyone with a Twitter account can illuminate the lights on this interactive Christmas tree, developed by New Jersey-based Oxford Communications. 174 more words


Creating an open-source, yearlong time-lapse camera

At first, all Maker “val3tra” wanted was an RF-accessible camera, capable of snapping some photos, saving them onto a microSD card, and on occasion, relaying them to a computer via an RF link. 299 more words

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This smart snowboard changes music based on your tricks

Like with all action sports, the right music can make all the difference when you’re shredding up the mountain. That’s why Dave Lee and the… 180 more words

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Build a spy camera inside your coffee cup

Are you a boss looking to inconspicuously monitor employees? A jealous boyfriend? A member of the paparazzi? Looking to channel your inner James Bond? Whatever the reason, you may be interested in a recent project from  176 more words

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ITP Winter Show Slideshow

Earlier this week was the annual winter exhibition of completed and works-in-progress projects by graduate students of NYU’s ITP program.

The slideshow below is only a snapshot of the projects, objects, and displays that were on view. 294 more words