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Little Kid Speaks His Mind [Video]

When kids say the darnest things. And we thought that adults come out the mouth side ways. Well this kid right here, does not like the news that his mother has delivered. 55 more words


Daily Writing Prompt #413

A magic system in which anger, jealousy, greed, and all other sorts of negativity produce healing, resurrection, and supportive spells, while positive emotions like love produce fireballs and stuff.


Playing House... Just a Random Thought...

2nd nap of the day and I’m watching “Playing House” a t.v. show on USA, I freaking LOVE it. Like LOVE. So to kinda clue you in,  it’s about two girlfriends from high school raising a baby girl because one got pregnant and a divorce so the other moved in to help her. 117 more words


The End

Author’s Note: I haven’t written poetry in a while, and I’m afraid I may have lost my touch… I decided to bite the bullet and attempt this anyway. 324 more words