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The Cushion of Catan

In our house we are fans of european board games (think agricola, carcasonne, 10 days in asia, etc). When we discovered the traditional method of reusing scraps of material in hexagonal patchwork, this meant only one thing: settlers board patchwork! 241 more words


Ultrasonic machining process makes light work of composites

Ultrasonic machining process makes light work of composites
The device creates ultrasonic vibrations at anywhere between 20 kHz and 39 kHz, and the machining technique makes the composite material sufficiently 'soft' in the area being worked on that much less force is needed from the cutting tool, resulting in … 52 more words

Vanderbilt group makes colon cancer revelation

Vanderbilt group makes colon cancer discovery
A group of researchers led by Vanderbilt University has actually recognized the genetic mutations in charge of the worst sorts of colon cancer. 14 more words

Healthy Colon

Because Selecting Your Battles Saves Your Sanity :: How Obtaining A Single Respectable Space Makes All The Distinction by DIY Decor Projects Blog

The very first space in our house that was kind of livable/done-ish was our bedroom.
I knew we’d be knocking down walls (they had been knocked down in the kitchen before we even moved in) and living with out a sink or stove or ceiling in the kitchen. 24 more words

July's Makes & Bakes

It’s then end of July already – this month we had an abundance of mascarpone, white chocolate and carrots…and there’s only so many carrots and hummus you can eat so a carrot cake was the obvious choice.   92 more words

New Hands-Free Mobility makes waves on Kickstarter

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 24, 2014
Not only for Tesla Automobiles, but the Neutron S and Neutron A phone holder mounts sure are perfect for such a fine automobiles as Tesla Motors. 19 more words

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