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Make-Up Art Home Schooling: Semi-Pinup Curls, and Cut Crease Eye Make-Up (Get the Look)


This is my second “Get the Look” quick post, and just like on my Vamp Night blog, I will only be posting the makeup I used for this look. 324 more words


Bright eyeshadow looks

I often hear that many people are not comfortable with incorporating bright colors into their eyeshadow looks. It is interesting to see bright lips more often than bright colors used around the eyes, and I can even attest to doing this myself. 393 more words


Hello! Today is our very first Swatchday! Before we begin, let’s go over how I ‘grade’ products, so we’re all on the same page.

It was really important to me that the criteria I use to judge the merit of these items be simple and understandable, so I broke it down into two “tests”, if you will: a general, package-oriented review, and a more detailed critique of the product itself. 2,275 more words


Secret Saturday!

Hello everyone!!! I’m ecstatic to have garnered the notice of so many blogs already with only one post out of the gate. It’s a very uplifiting feeling, and I look forward to checking out all of your blogs and seeing what you have to say about mine! 377 more words


Makeup Inspiration: Valeriya Kutsan

In my post “Makeup as an art form and storytelling tool“, I wrote about how I came to the realisation that just like a painter with his paint and brushes or a photographer with his camera to create art or tell a story, I see myself as a storyteller with my eyeshadow, eyepencil, lipstick, blushes and brushes with which I will tell stories, touch people’s lives positively and fight for causes I believe in. 96 more words



Hello! I’m Lizzy! I decided to start this blog, Metamorphosis, as an outlet for my love of all things beauty-related. That’s ultimately what this is about for me: love. 194 more words